How To Standout Among Your Peers By Just Doing One Thing Differently

How To Stand Out Among Your Peers By Just Doing One Thing Differently

Close your eyes (unless you’re driving right now) for a moment and imagine this…

Picture yourself holding in your hands that book you have been dreaming writing about for years.

Tap into your imagination, touch with your hands, and hover your fingers on both the front and back covers.

Leaf through the pages. Smell a freshly published book.

Be in the moment, feel this pivotal occasion, and express your gratifying emotions.

You just fulfilled one of your dreams and proved, at least, for yourself that you have the integrity to translate your dream into reality.

See yourself through the eyes of your mind. You dressed well and drove for a high-stake interview to get that high-paying job or promotion or project you have been coveting for months.

Here is the difference. Unlike other candidates (competitors), you didn’t just go with your killer resume. You also proudly accompanied your book with your resume.

Imagine the recruiter or the decision maker intrigued and impressed. See yourself securing that job, promotion, or deal!

You could be an entrepreneur and may not be actively looking for a job or promotion or project.

In that case, imagine you sitting in a conference room and about to present your pitch to a high-paying potential client.

Unlike others who presented before or after you, you didn’t just go there with a business card. You went with your book and gave a couple of your books to the audience in the room. You got the picture…

How impressed do you think your boss or client was? What do you think your rivals and competitors must have felt when you beat them like that?

It isn’t to show off. Definitely, it’s not selfish. It’s a win-win!

You fulfilled your dream and dared to follow your heart’s desire while creating an important artifact that generates great first impressions that give you an unfair advantage over your competitors and rivals. You also created a product that will serve others, change minds, touch hearts, and even transform lives, teams, organizations, and communities… It is a win-win for you, the people around you, your boss or client, and generations to come…

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