Who Else Would Like To Become a Bestseller?

How to give your 1st or next book a fighting chance to become a bestseller even if you may think that you’re not a good writer


It feels like it was ages ago…

“Are you crazy?!” My former classmate screamed at the top of his lung, forgetting that we were sitting in a public space.

Without saying anything, feeling embarrassed for my friend, I immediately looked around. My surfing eyes locked with a few people sitting nearby. I could tell from their look. They seemed offended by our manner, rather lack of manner.

My friend felt embarrassed, too, and lowered his head for a brief moment. Shying away from the people who looked sternly, it seemed he wanted to avoid those who would have given him an eye whip for disturbing their peace.

You may wonder what made him scream like that and when was that?

It was in 2008, Virginia. This Starbucks in Alexandria is very busy even during weekdays, let alone on a Saturday morning.

Let me give you some context to forgive my friend. He had a point for yelling like that…

I quit my well-paying software engineer position the previous year when we met. I was working for a multinational corporation in northern Virginia. What was worst? When we had that chat, I was still ‘unemployed’…

My friend lived in Maryland. He hadn’t known some of the ‘crazy’ moves I took in 2007 to make a shift and launch myself into a new profession, just two years since I came to the US. As a well-meaning and caring friend, he couldn’t stay neutral and silent when he heard about it from common friends who lived in Virginia.

However, from the tonality of his voice when he called to set up the meeting and the way he was looking at me when we met in that Starbucks, it didn’t take me long to realize that those common friends informed, rather misinformed, him that I:

  • Lost my mind,
  • Was out of touch, and
  • Neurotic.

He reached out because he wanted to know what happened to his former classmate, whom he considered rational…

His overreaction to what I was telling him was justifiable, given his expectations before we met. Because of the things he heard, it looked like he had expected me to:

  • Become humble in the face of an old friend who knew my history well,
  • Bring me down from among the stars to mother earth after being out of work for months,
  • Plant my feet into the ground of ‘reality’ and seek some help to find way outs of my predicament.

On the contrary, what he heard when he asked, “What’s up?” stunned him!

I told him I had quit my job and been writing a book to pursue my passion. I went ahead and explained my future plan, including making the book a bestseller…

You got the picture and why my usually cool friend overreacted and yelled that way…

The people who looked at him sternly would have sympathized with him and given him breathing room if they knew the full context…

By the way, I didn’t blame my classmate. If he were in my situation, he would have been:

  • Looking for a job,
  • Maximized that session to ask questions on where to find jobs, assistance, etc.

Rather, he had to deal with my pipe dream…

Why am I sharing this story with you? You may resonate with my friend or me.

You could be like me and may already have the mindset and mentality. You may believe that if not now, you’d become a bestseller one day.

Or, you could be like my good friend, not only do you not believe that you can, you will be shocked if anyone who looks and sounds like you has a dream of publishing a book, let alone aiming to make it to the bestseller list…

Either way, you will get some tips that reposition you not just to have the right mindset and confidence but the other essential ingredients you need to write and give your first or next book a fighting chance…

Looking back, I was naïve, overconfident, rather arrogant, someone who didn’t even know what he didn’t know.

Yes, I had the mentality and confidence, but that was not enough!

I didn’t have the skillset and was clueless about the kind of help I needed. Do you relate?

If so, no worries. Unlike my naïve self back then, now, you can quickly develop the necessary skillset and know where to find WHO can help you complement your RIGHT mentality and confidence to begin typing on your keyboard…

For your info, it took me another three years before I published my 1st book. Mind you. I had wanted to write my first book for years before we even met in that Starbucks in 2008.

It took me another ten years, 14 years before I gave my 6th book a chance to become a bestseller.

What happened? You may wonder whether:

  • The timing was wrong
  • I had a bad luck
  • My content was poor
  • I was a mediocre writer

Maybe… But, these were non-factors.

The lion’s share for my disappointing results- regardless of my reasonably good content, writing abilities, and constant efforts- was I didn’t know this truth:

“It isn’t IF you could BECOME who you want to be. It’s about HOW you could BECOME. Fortunately, you can BECOME without knowing the HOW. What you need to know is WHO knows the HOW. You can then either delegate or subcontract or hire.” Dr. AZ

After wasting so many years, my precious energy, tonnes of money, and opportunities, I can tell you that becoming a bestseller is not rocket science if you know the process.

If you don’t know the process, someone does!

YOU ARE MEETING SOMEONE AWAY to translate your dream of publishing your first or next book and give it a fighting chance to become at least Amazon’s #1 bestseller, if not the New York Times.

If you don’t know someone to guide you on this journey yet, I’m here to help. I’ll give you a FREE resource. When you get this step-by-step process, you DON’T need to:

  • Spend years figuring it out by yourself,
  • Engage in trial and error, wasting your energy and precious resources, and
  • Experience disappointment after disappointment- like I and thousands of other authors- before you become a bestseller…

With the FREE checklist I’ll be giving you, you can:

  1. Dramatically cut the learning curve by years.
  2. Stop killing your precious time. Instead, use the time you save to spend quality time with your loved ones.
  3. Prevent wasting your valuable energy and conserve it to do other things you love.
  4. Avoid dispensing your hard-earned money to keep getting the same results; now, you can save money.
  5. Earn the respect of your peers, friends, colleagues, and clients by becoming a bestseller.
  6. Inspire many using your story and serve with your strengths and experience.
  7. Generate a competitive advantage over your competitors who haven’t published yet.
  8. And many more tangible and intangible benefits.

From now on, STOP winging it… As the saying goes, doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is insanity!

You can start that journey of publishing your first bestseller TODAY without reinventing the wheel! You can follow a predictable step-by-step process…

If you’re still skeptical, like my classmate, who doubted me in 2008:

  • You may not believe that you deserve to be a bestseller.
  • You may doubt whether your content is worth reading.
  • You may think you cannot even publish an article, let alone write hundreds of pages to publish a book.

You’re not alone. I met many friends, colleagues, trainees, coachees, and mentees who doubted themselves. Here are some of the resistances and objections I have been getting:

1. Who am I to write a book? Many people think that they’re nobody. They put others on a pedestal and consider them worthy and capable of publishing and becoming bestsellers, except for them and the people like them.

Understandably, you may not believe in yourself or your message, or imposter syndrome may be inflecting you as it does a million others. That is not your fault!

It’s that little critical voice within telling you, rather torturing you, by questioning your sanity:

  • “Who do you think you’re?!”
  • “Who in hell would read your book?!”
  • “Don’t you ever embarrass yourself ‘opening your mouth too soon’!”
  • “Once you put it out there, everyone will know what you think and how shallow you’re, and you cannot take it back!”
  • And much more bone-piercing, action-stopping, and brutal self-sabotaging criticisms…

You know what? That voice isn’t YOU.

It is a mental construct built for decades, first, when your brain was prewired while you were in the womb…

…then reinforced as you’d been told since childhood by people around you that you’re an underdog and no one from your family (race, tribe, ethnicity) ever did anything significant…

…then further solidified and cemented as you have been conditioned by your sub-culture and culture, directly and indirectly, hypnotizing you to believe that you’re not meant to contribute toward enriching the culture with your creativity. It is above your pay grade. All of these cultured you to lower your bar and aim too low. Of course, until NOW!

You can now forget about the above crap.

  • Begin to rewire your brain,
  • Listen to the right people,
  • Realize what you could benefit if you publish your first book, and give it a chance to become a bestseller.

Here are some of the extraordinary BENEFITS you will gain from becoming a published author (let’s forget for a while what becoming a bestseller brings to the table):

  • Many of your peers and competitors aren’t publishing. If you do, you stand out, gaining a competitive edge over them.
  • People in remote parts of the world you wouldn’t have dreamed of influencing, now, you can reach them.
  • Your potential clients and partners can now learn more about you with minimal investment. They can buy your book, get into your head to know you more cheaply and from the comfort of their home, and make a quality decision about whether to partner with you.
  • The book can be used as a Lower End offer to sell other High-End offers. People who don’t know you and your business hardly take a chance on your High-End Offers, which means you cannot serve them impactfully. After reading your book, they may be convinced to try your other expensive products and services and benefit greatly.
  • You could use the book as a reference and manual to create follow-up products such as online courses and services such as speaking, coaching, etc.
  • And many more tangible and intangible benefits.

I hope these benefits shut the mouth, or at least, the intensity of that little critical voice from within.

2. What can I possibly write that worth readership? Those who beat the mental barrier and the imposter syndrome may struggle, thinking they don’t have a unique message or worthy content worth being read by the public.

That is not true. Everybody has:

  • A story to share. No one is void of stories. The world is eager to hear more stories. If you think your own stories are boring and ordinary, what about those great stories you have heard? Share these stories and feed the story hunger world.
  • A talent or gifting. Let’s say you don’t have great stories of yours or others to share. I’m sure you have a talent or a gift from which the world needs to benefit. If not, what about highlighting and synthesizing the talent and gifting of someone else?
  • An experience. What about writing based on your or someone’s experience?

3. I’m not a good writer. No one is!

I still study, get coaching, and mentoring to improve my writing skills. Even the most seasoned writers constantly work on their writing. The difference is they’re working on the advanced stuff.

Otherwise, we all are learners, and the best way to learn is to start somewhere.

You wouldn’t have been driving your car today like a pro if you hadn’t begun driving it when you were a bad driver.

Here are so much help you can have now, that we didn’t have when I began writing over two decades ago:

  • You can hire an affordable ghostwriter
  • You can use free (or premium) software to assist you in editing your own work
  • You can get inexpensive freelancer editors

4. I’m not well known, or I don’t know any agent or editor. This, too, is a lame excuse.

Unlike in the past, now, you can begin self-publishing… You can be your own publisher…

One objection I get when I suggest beginning with self-publishing is “How can promote the book? No media will interview me as a self-published author.”

My answer is simple. Be your own media to begin with! Self-broadcast! Use YouTube and Social Media for free to promote your book.

In short, you don’t have a lot of excuses, even if your writing is not that good yet. We’re in this envious century our ancestors never imagined it possible where we can be our own publishers and media without breaking our bank…

For whatever reason, if you still hesitate to begin this journey, let me warn you.

It was only in academia and research industries the motto “Publish or perish” mattered. In this information age, it applies everywhere.

I remember the pressure I and my researcher colleagues working for an international research institute in Ethiopia used to feel. We turned all stones and did all we could to ensure we authored or co-authored regularly. We knew we would be kicked out or become irrelevant if we didn’t publish.

You know what? I feel the same and even more NOW though I’m neither a researcher nor an academician!

Everybody posts on social media, writes blogs, and broadcasts on YouTube. How do you stand out among the crowd?

Here is the challenge. Do you think the world will return to the old days of communicating verbally and in person, shutting down social media? No way!

Communicating in writing is more important than ever now and in the future. You better fasten your belt…

If you heed my warning, are convinced to take this rewarding journey, and would like to silence the little voice within, take action! Don’t delay.

As the saying goes, ‘Hammer the iron while it is still hot’.

“You’ve already delayed your shining moments. You have already denied the world that has been waiting to hear your unique story, voice, insight, talent, gifting, experience, and wisdom. Let them not wait any longer.” Dr. AZ

Get the checklist that guides you step by step and show you the process to give your first or next book a bestseller chance.

I spent thousands of dollars and years of trial and error before developing this roadmap.

After wandering for years, publishing five non-bestsellers, when I learned the process and followed the steps in the process, which I shared in the checklist, my next and 6th book hit Amazon’s #1 bestseller last year in August.

You don’t need to hassle as I did. You don’t need to waste your precious resources. You can cut the learning curve short and begin to see results immediately. You just need to get this roadmap.

The good news is that it’s Free.

When you get the checklist, here are just a few things you will find:

  • The fundamental groundwork you should accomplish before you begin writing so that your book will have a solid foundation from the start. Missing one of these could cost you a lot later.
  • Some techniques and tools to outline and draft your manuscript to shorten the writing process’s lifespan. You will throughout the guesswork, beat the writer’s block, and jampack your manuscript with great content while making it captivating and engaging.
  • The steps to take and the platforms to use to edit, publish, market, promote, and launch your book smartly and strategically.
  • And many more tips.

Of course, the checklist is a starting point and lighthouse to guide you on the journey.

You can always customize it to fit your objective condition. Feel free to drop or add some steps. By all means, make it your own roadmap and give your first or next book a fighting chance to become a bestseller.

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  • How to establish your 1st or next organization successfully;
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  • How to design, integrate, automate, and launch your first or next funnel.

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