My Trip to Denver, CO to Facilitate a 3-day Workshop

Last week, I was in Denver, Colorado, to facilitate a three-day workshop. The themes were:

  • Emotional Intelligence,
  • Conflict Management, and
  • Negotiation.


These are some of my favorite leadership and soft skill topics to facilitate.

What is special about this session was that participants took the corresponding online assessments beforehand.

I’ve facilitated sessions with and without assessments. The difference is huge.

The session wasn’t theoretical. The assessments gave them some insights about their strengths and areas needing work. As a result, they took advantage of the:

  1. Insights,
  2. Models, and
  3. Strategies they gained from the session to further leverage their strengths and grow in those areas that need improvement to take their competencies to the next level.

That said, I used the opportunity to connect/reconnect with some wonderful people who reside in Denver.

I first visited Denver in 2019. Unfortunately, the weather was so bad I couldn’t meet as many people and places as I had wished. This time, the weather was so beautiful every day while I was there, and after class, I went out to hang out with new and old friends. I had a blast…

My only regret this time was my inability to visit the Rocky Mountains (over 90 minutes away from where I stayed). I hope that I’ll come close to those majestic mountains during my next visit.

Is anyone in my network from Denver?