The Difference between Motivational Speakers and Facilitators

What distinguishes a motivational speaker from a facilitator? Both skill sets are essential for leaders in all industries, particularly those who need to engage with the public and communicate with stakeholders.

Most speakers in the industry specialize in either keynote/motivational speaking or training/facilitation. However, as someone who does both, I’m a generalist, although most of my work involves facilitation.

The primary difference between the two is the time constraint. A motivational or keynote speaker must overdeliver within a time frame of 5-90 minutes. In contrast, facilitators have enough time to engage the audience in large and small group discussions, pairing, and brainstorming for hours or even days.

As a learning professional who has done both, I’ve noticed that the difference between the two has narrowed over the years. For instance, clients want keynote/motivational speakers who can engage the audience while still over-delivering within a limited time frame.

As a speaker or facilitator, what new trends have you noticed in our industry? If you’re a leader, which of these skill sets do you use the most, and what are some of the challenges you and your peers face in excelling as public speakers and facilitators?

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