My Trip to PA

I was in PA to facilitate a very interactive workshop for senior leaders. The theme was Communication. Most of the topics we covered were very advanced, such as:

  • How to advocate and at the same time inquire to engage in high stake conversations (debates),
  • How to offer constructive criticism, including tough feedback without offending and damaging relationships while also improving their performance,
  • How to receive feedback gracefully so that others keep coming and offering you invaluable feedback that allows you to uncover your blind spots and many other empowering topics.


The story behind the pic? During one of the breaks, I was chatting with one of the participants. He took my pic and texted it to me. What can you say for such a nice gesture except to say a big Thank You!!!

What nice gestures have you received from your clients and stakeholders?

By the way, even if winter dimmed their glory, I still think that the sceneries I experienced during my recent trip to PA to facilitate a very dynamic and engaging workshop, was beautiful. I can imagine how glorious these sceneries would have looked if trees hadn’t shed their leaves 🥲

One of the perks you enjoy for being a learning professional 👌 is to travel around the country to meet new and impressive leaders, and yes, beautiful sceneries like what I enjoyed during my recent trip to PA.

Here is a brief video clip:

Here are some of the pics I took…


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