Join SPW’s Referral Program

How to help us meet our goals while sharing the profit

SPW’s success is dependent on attracting, serving, and supporting its clients. The referral program encourages individuals to refer prospective clients to SPW, and in turn, share the profit.

What is the SPW Referral Program? SPW Referral Program is a rewarding and incentive program that pays referral fees for individuals who refer SPW programs to new potential clients.

Who can participate? Our past and current clients, partners, friends, affiliates of SPW, and all interested individuals may participate in the SPW referral program.

How does it work? Refer potential clients that may have an interest in one or more of SPW’s offerings such as Keynotes, Workshops, Cohort Programs, and Consulting Services.
The following are legitimate business referrals:
1. New clients that never worked with SPW in the past or currently, and
2. Prospective clients SPW isn’t pursuing right now.

A referral fee is paid only when a potential lead results in a closed sale.

Reach out to SPW’s Team via [email protected] and fill out the online Referral Form. Once you submit the form, our team will take the sales process from there.

Upon successful closing, you will be notified that the sale has been made.

The incentive amount for referring a potential client to SPW that results in a closed sale is 10% of the total sales amount (most referrals in our industry are less than 10% plus the payments are based on net profit).

Most of our programs included in the referral program are over 3, 000 USD per session. That means, you’ll get a 300 USD referral payment or more per closed session.

Referral fees are payable depending on how clients pay. If they pay one time, we’ll issue the referral fees once we collect payments. If they pay in installments, we’ll pay you accordingly, unless you prefer to be paid once and at the end of the final payment.

Disclaimers: Please note that this program is at the discretion of SPW’s leadership and may be modified or withdrawn at any time without further notice.

Approval is at the discretion of the manager who will make a final determination regarding each referral.

Effective Date: This referral program is effective as of October 2023. It may change at any time.

Note: You just need to share the SPW 1-pager that enlists the programs and services we provide to those potential clients whom you think would be interested in one or more of our programs and services. Have a brief conversation with them, and let them know that we’ll reach out to them. Then, reach out and fill out the Referral form. We’ll take it from there. If we close that client, we’ll inform you right away, and then send your referral fee your way as soon as we get paid for the program we provided to the client.

If you would like to download and print the SPW Referral program 1-pager, Click here…

If you have any questions or need further explanation on this, reach out to our team at [email protected]