How To Overcome Fear, Anxiety, Stress & Make A Great 1st Impression At Your New Leadership Position

Going beyond 1st timer syndrome, increasing confidence, getting along well, and quickly delivering results from the get-go

Are you a founder or just landed your first leadership role and pressure is getting to you? Are you worried you may fail, perform poorly, and let down your people? Are you interested in shortening the learning curve, being in charge, feeling confident, collaborating, and delivering quick results right away?

Are you a senior leader, and your emerging leaders are struggling? Are you frustrated because the transition is taking them longer, and affecting the bottom line? Are you concerned about theirs and the well-being of their team? Do you want to assist your emerging leaders in making a smooth transition and excel at their first-time leadership roles from the get-go?

If you said yes, I’m here to help.

First of all, I relate with you.

As a first-timer multiple times (I’ll share more on this later), I know firsthand the toll forming your first organization or taking your first or next leadership position takes on you and the well-being of people around you.

I’ve also been coaching, mentoring, and training new supervisors, managers, and business owners in the US and abroad for many years. I helped some organizations assist their first-timers make a smooth transition and excel in their new roles. I know the worries, concerns, and frustrations of senior leaders of these organizations.

Whenever I go back to memory lane, I still feel the anxiety, stress, worries, uncertainties, and pressure I went through every time I took a new role, especially when I was young and less experienced…

Oh, those sleepless nights… the endless uncertainties and worries in vain… the disappointing performances… the brutally inflicting pains I incurred against people around me… They could have been avoided!

Do you know what was interesting, rather embarrassing?

I was ashamed of sharing what I was going through. I thought it was only me.

Back then, I didn’t know that all first-timers were infected with a ‘disease’ I now call First-timer Syndrome. The difference is the degree. Some newbies may suffer less and for a short period while others severely and for a very long time.

Do you know what was worst?

People around me thought I got my acts together, including my friends, colleagues, the people who promoted, elected, and those working with me.

Of course, I don’t blame them! I was faking it and they bought it. I covered the storm within and showed a happy, confident, and calm face whenever I was with them.

Nonetheless, I’m sure, a few experienced leaders knew I was wearing a mask. But no one came forward to help…

For weeks, sometimes months, whether when I was:

  • A youth leader for the 1st time in the early 90s, or
  • Elected as the president of the largest students’ union in my native country in the late 90s, or
  • Working for an international research institute in the early 2000 and tasked to supervise a research team in the field, or
  • Forming and running my business in 2010 here in Maryland US, each time, I was suffering without even knowing that it was a syndrome common among first-timers.

Looking back, I asked myself so often:

  • Why did I attempt to handle this alone?
  • Why did I fail to reach out to a mentor?
  • What was keeping me from searching for helpful resources?

Well, retrospectively, my young self was stupid and egotistical!

But I don’t blame him 😊 He didn’t know better.

If I knew what I know now, I could have diminished many of the negative impacts of the syndrome, gotten some help, shortened its lifecycle, and lessened the hurt to my health, relationships, and performance.

Fast forward, some years back, a national seminar company- Success Pathways  ( used to partner with, asked me to facilitate public seminars and onsite workshops for new supervisors and managers. I traveled around many US cities to empower first-timers.

That was when my eyes were opened, and I realized that I wasn’t alone after all. I discovered a global syndrome that affects anyone in the world regardless of their industry and who they are as far as they take their first or next leadership role.

Of course, no mention of first-timer syndrome in the materials. However, based on the questions, comments, and stories I heard in the conference rooms and offline chats with participants, it occurred to me that everything first is scary, and leadership isn’t exceptional.

Do you remember your first time swimming, driving, or dating? What about your first-time car or home-buying experience? How did it go?

If you’re like many normal people, it was messy, to say the least. And first-time leadership experience sucks. It’s messy!

But it shouldn’t have to be like that anymore. That was why I spent years writing and finally publishing a book specifically aimed at overcoming first-timer syndrome.

If you are a new supervisor, team leader, project manager, or business owner, you don’t have to go through the same pain I, my coachees, and mentees were going through.

I can show you what to do about it to shrink its lifecycle and reduce its negative impacts on you, your people, the bottom line, and the larger organization’s success.

Now, you can get my book for FREE and use it as a guide to overcoming the syndrome, feeling confident, getting along well, and delivering undeniable results from the get-go. Plus many FREE Bonuses…

Rather than worrying, suffering, feeling inadequate, uncertain, anxious, performing poorly, and inflecting pain against your health and relationships, now you can quickly boost your confidence and ultimately defeat 1st timer syndrome within a relatively short time.

The book enables you to start your first or next new leadership role on the right foot.

Research conducted by CEB and many other institutions revealed that 60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months of taking a new supervisory role.

By the way, this isn’t surprising news. What should you expect?! Many organizations promote their best performers and then ‘throw’ them into deep water and expect them to swim without giving them ample support to survive.

Unfortunately, many of these new leaders were drowned alive. Those who barely survived were suffocating many times till they got to the ‘shore’ bruised and battered.

This is a blind spot for many organizations and senior leaders. Because they were once first-timers and somehow able to ‘swim’ and survive, they unconsciously and unintentionally think that everybody is like them and can survive in the end. But, we know that we all aren’t the same and handle the same stress and challenges equally.

Even those who consciously understand their emerging leaders’ are struggling may not have a strategically and systematically designed curriculum to guide them intentionally and proactively. Who blames them?! They too didn’t get any help and, thus, don’t know how to empower their first-timers differently than giving them the opportunity and find ways to survive the transition. Of course, until now! Now, I can help them to help their first-timers.

If you’re a senior leader, you can complement your onboarding process by giving your first-timers my book. The book equips your new leaders to:

  • Make a swift mindset shift from an employee mentality to a leadership mentality,
  • Transition from just meeting their own personal quota using their technical skills to developing the necessary supervisory and managerial skills to improve the productivity of their entire team,
  • Raise the bar high from being responsible for taking care of their job description alone to developing solid personality and character to make their team members accountable,
  • Go beyond being resourceful to raising resourceful team members.

This is a win-win for both the first-timers and the greater organization…

There are many tangible and direct, and intangible and indirect benefits that come when your new leaders are capable, confident, healthy, relatable, creative, and productive from the get-go.

Well, there is no free lunch. You cannot have such competent and first-time superstar leaders unless you become intentional and proactive and ultimately invest in helping them overcome the first-timer syndrome.

When you do that, you not only improve your RoI but could also reduce CoI (Cost of Inaction or simply call it Opportunity cost).

The book is filled with:

  • The latest management and leadership insights,
  • Workable models, frameworks, tools, and
  • Practical strategies and tactics first-timers can use and implement right away to overcome the syndrome, deliver quality results, increase confidence, establish themselves, get along better, collaborate and form coalitions, improve productivity, and begin to lead with conviction and certainty.

The book became Amazon’s #1 bestseller and garnered the support of many thought leaders. Below are just some of the endorsements:

“Get your first-time leadership role on the right foot with this excellent guide from Assegid Habtewold! With the latest leadership insights and tools and tips to make a smooth transition, you can feel confident moving into your new leadership role. A must read!” Marshall Goldsmith, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“This neatly organized book offers readers a guide on how to handle their first leadership position while encouraging those who still might have “1st Timer Syndrome” along a path to eliminating its effects on their lives and careers. The author provides clear, concise steps one can take to become a stronger leader right away. Instead of relying on a systematic approach that involves mastering “becoming a leader” first, the author advocates an approach that directs one to take smaller steps that lead to bigger successes, prioritizing the initial aspects of leadership and building a foundation that readers can build upon as they read the rest of the book…” The Book Review Directory 

“Dr. Assegid Habtewold’s unrelenting quest to help others become better leaders is admirable. His positivity and wealth of coaching experience shines through. If you’re in a first time leadership role, this book can be an invaluable guide and asset, as you navigate the leadership challenges you will inevitably face.” Sylvia Baffour, Author, I Dare You to Care

“Whether you’re a first-time or a seasoned leader struggling with 1st timer syndrome, this book will give you the practical tools you can use to find your intrinsic value and create even more value for those you lead.” Dr. David Burkus, Thinker50 ranked thought leader and author of Leading From Anywhere

“Dr. Assegid Habtewold does a fine job adding his voice to the conversation about emerging leadership and the 1st timer syndrome by covering the key concepts needed for success.” Eddie Turner, Preeminent Authority on Emerging Leaders (Forbes) and #6 Ranked Motivational Speaker in the World on the 2021 Global Gurus Top 30 Rankings

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