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You or someone you know who is a new team leader, project manager, supervisor, or new business owner might most probably be infected by 1st Timer Syndrome without even being aware. If you don’t overcome this syndrome quickly, you will end up joining many first-time new leaders before you.

According to Corporate Executive Board (CEB), “Within the first 24 months of taking a new position, 60% of new supervisors fail.”

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If I had this book specifically addressed first-time leadership pitfalls when I started out. I wouldn’t have suffered needlessly. I could have prevented or, at least, lessened the impacts of the syndrome against me, my teams, and the organizations I was serving. I:

  • Worried so much,
  • Spent sleepless nights,
  • Experienced toxic conflicts,
  • Stressed out,
  • Performed poorly,
  • Hurt my health and relationships.


I don’t want these to happen to you or anyone else for that matter…

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3. 11-Week Online Course
This 11-module online course contains under each module a video teaching, an audio version, a transcript with time stamps, some downloadable samples and templates, a handout with summary notes, and assignments at the end of each module.


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