Announcing The A to Z Media

After a few years of MIA, I’m excited to return to the media business. As some of you may know, between 2013 and 2016, I produced a weekly show on leadership and personal development at one of our Ethiopian community media platforms.

Between 2018 and COVID-19, I also produced a show called Pick Yourself Up at a channel run by the county where I live.

However, since COVID, I have been inactive…

Now, I’m back with The A to Z Media, your one-stop learning platform to grow holistically and achieve your personal and corporate goals… On this platform, we will create educational programs and interview experienced and successful:

  1. Professionals.
  2. Leaders.
  3. Inventors.
  4. Investors.
  5. Entrepreneurs.

Though the media, as its name indicates, aims at producing diverse and comprehensive programs, The A to Z Media focuses on the following main fields:

  • Organizational, Leadership, and Personal Development.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Investments.

By the way, two of my previous shows were in English.

Most of the upcoming shows of The A to Z Media will also be in English. However, some of my Ethiopian friends and colleagues have recently encouraged me to produce one of the upcoming shows in Amharic. What do you think?

For your information, if I had never left Ethiopia, I’d probably produce programs in Amharic and other local languages. I don’t see the need why I should use English. Most probably, my English would have sucked. Second, there is no need to use a foreign language in a country rich with many beautiful languages.

However, I’ve been in the US for over 18 years. Most of my clients are non-Ethiopians. I communicate in English 99% of the time, so I thought I could best serve my clients and our community if I produced programs in English.

Even if there were some pressures in the past to reconsider my decisions and begin creating programs in Amharic, I was very quick to dismiss them. Partly because my Amharic sucks 🙂

Besides, I’ve thought there are more than enough smart, articulate, and dynamic producers in Amharic.

Nonetheless, these days, people close to me have been challenging my justifications. They came up with some strong rebuttals on why I should serve our community using one of the languages many Ethiopians worldwide understand. I’ve listened!

At this stage, I’m gathering feedback to ensure that if we launch an Amharic show, it shouldn’t duplicate the excellent shows already producing Amharic programs. It should fill a unique gap and play a synergetic role in serving our community in Ethiopia and worldwide.

Let me ask you. Should we launch it?

If we go for it, this Amharic program should not only serve a unique niche but should also be very practical and solution-oriented. Though most of our guests will be in the diaspora, we’ll also interview highly successful experts, leaders, investors, inventors, and entrepreneurs back in Ethiopia. Let me know your thoughts on this…

If we launch this program, we look forward to collaborating and partnering with other shows that serve our community worldwide.

I’ll provide more details as they become available. Stay Tuned!

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Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any advice, suggestions, or questions.