Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Leadership or Entrepreneurship Destiny to Chance

“Within the first 24 months of taking a new position, 60% of new supervisors fail.” Corporate Executive Board (CEB)

This could have been avoided. However, many organizations throw their first-timers into deep water and watch to see if they swim or sink.

They either don’t care or don’t know how to properly equip their new supervisors and managers before promoting them. They fail to set them up to succeed in their first-time leadership role from the get-go.

That is why you shouldn’t:

  • Depend on chance and wait another 24 months to see if you can survive or not while you can take sure steps TODAY that can propel you not just to survive but also thrive in the aftermath of your first-time leadership experience.
  • Swim by yourself and solo while you have available support- I’m offering it right HERE.
  • ​Allow your new leadership role to affect your confidence, health, relationships, and performance negatively while you can do something about it NOW.
  • Leave your Leadership or Entrepreneurship destiny to chance while you can take matters into your hands and make a smooth transition and excel in your new leadership role QUICKLY.

Even if your organization isn’t supporting you as you make the transition, you should help yourself. You should:

  • ​Make a quick mindset shift from an employee mentality to a leadership mentality and be in charge from the get-go.
  • ​Build positive psychology, demonstrate unshakable confidence, and lead your team while holding your head up.
  • ​Develop the necessary competencies proving any doubter wrong, showing them that you’re up to the task.
  • ​Use the latest leadership models, tools, strategies, and tactics to over-deliver and assert yourself as a winner.
  • ​Mold your personality to fit the position you occupy and feel comfortable in your own skin from the get-go.
  • ​Quickly build your new team and get along with other stakeholders well to be perceived as a trustworthy captain.
  • ​Set SMART goals right out of the gate and continually increase the performance of your team consistently.
  • ​Put in place systems to track your and your team’s progress so that you fight complacency head-on.
  • Grow your team, raise leaders, coach, and mentor to sustain growth and scale.
  • ​By doing the above, achieve undeniable results, make a smooth transition, and excel in your new role. And I’m here to help…

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