Why You Have Not Arrived at The Next Level Yet

The need to go to the next level quickly by developing the competencies necessary right now

Have you asked why you aren’t at the next level? When I ask this the same question, in most cases, most people respond with lists of things that came in the way stopping or, at least, delaying them from arriving to the next level as quickly as possible. Very few do include themselves in the list.

I was there, not taking responsibility for overstaying in one place. There were tons of reasons why I couldn’t advance…

Finally, I figured out what was going on. Without knowing and admitting it, I appeared a victim.  Looking back, my state of being was helpless, of course, until I owned my own limitations. It became apparent that I lacked the necessary mindset and skillsets to advance forward as I desired.

Having this mentality is dangerous. First, you may not even know it exists. It may run in the background. You may feel good when you attribute why you’re not at the next level to someone or something outside of yourself.

The problem with having this attitude is that you don’t own your destiny. You’re not in charge. You lack control. You’re a victim, not a victor of your own destiny…

Here is a video clip where I shared my evolution throughout the years and what steps I took to keep advancing.

The video was taken last week when I was in Orlando Florida (I’ll soon share some pics, stay tuned).

After watching it, please share your experience and also share it with people who may need some inspiration. To help you reflect, answer these questions:

  1. Are you advancing forward with the pace you desire?
  2. If yes, what helped you?
  3. If not, what is coming in the way? Have you taken some responsibilities yourself?
  4. What are you doing to step up your game and fly high to pursue your passion and attain your goals?
  5. From whom are you learning?
  6. Are you taking courses and getting coaching and mentoring?


Hope to hear from you soon…

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