Why I watched the Super Bowl with Friends and Colleagues

Collaborating and building coalitions was one of the topics we covered in the 3-day workshop I facilitated last week in NM.

In the 21st C, one person, team, organization, or even a nation is too insignificant, insufficient, and too small to survive, let alone to have a meaningful impact.

We covered various topics to equip participants to elevate their influence and widen their alliances. The latter requires constantly networking and meeting individuals within and outside of your inner circle and nurturing your relationships and partnerships consciously and proactively.

I don’t teach anyone anything unless I’m willing to practice it.

Though I’ve a preference for introversion and feel at home when I reflect quietly, read books, take long walks alone, and so on, I intentionally network by going outside of my comfort zone.

In this regard, though it was rainy and I’m not a fan of American Football (like many from Africa and Europe, I’m a soccer fan), I drove 40 minutes to watch the Superbowl with friends and colleagues at Springfield Residency Inn.

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs, congrats! The half-time performance of Usher, Alicia Keys, et al. was outstanding…

Where did you watch the Super Bowl? Which team did you support?

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