Save Your Career, Get that Promotion, Redeem Those Suffering Relationships, and/or Recruit More Clients/Supporters within 12 Weeks (even 12 Days) like Dan Murphey?

“…Some years ago, Global Health Research (GHR) faced a valuable opportunity for growth when one of its managers- Dan Murphy, entered into conflict with his boss due to a lack of certain soft skills.

Dan is an excellent researcher. He is intelligent and creative when it comes to his scientific work.

He had first joined GHR as a doctoral student. He completed his dissertation and later joined GHR as a staff member. While still working on his thesis and following his graduation, his publications brought him admiration and promotion.

Nevertheless, to Dan’s dismay, he could not negotiate the promotion without supervisory duties. He wanted to lead the project.

But, he didn’t like the accompanying supervisory responsibilities that came with the new title.

Alas, not long after he was promoted, Dan stumbled. He couldn’t successfully get along with his peers and lead his team due to a lack of certain soft skills. His immediate boss got grievances from some of his team members and peers. She investigated the complaints and found them true.

Susan tried her best to help Dan understand the importance of getting along with others.

Unfortunately, he refused to admit that he was the problem, let alone make changes and address the issue. The problem persisted. Some key researchers and a few managers from departments that support his project threatened to quit because of Dan’s unacceptable behaviors.

Finally, after trying her best, she decided to remove Dan from leading the project. She didn’t want to ‘lose all’ to retain one. This decision, however, was protested, forcing the CEO of GHR to intervene.

In the next part, I’ll narrate for you the following:

  • The genesis of the problem
  • The CEO’s intervention to save one of his best superstars
  • The negotiation to break the deadlock…”

Taken from ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to manage yourself, become a team player, and lead your team to absolute success.” p. 19 -20.

The book narrates the story of Dan- a successful researcher. The story begins with how a lack of some soft skills caused him to stumble and at the verge of losing his career but how things changed within 12 weeks…

You, too, regardless of how great you may be in your technical skills, may:

  1. Lose your career.
  2. Unable to get that promotion you should have got a long time ago.
  3. Ruin your relationships, if you haven’t yet.
  4. Struggle to recruit more clients, and in turn, fail to scale…

Unless you have the 12 most important soft skills that can make or break your success…

On the other hand, with a little guide like reading books or getting coaching or mentoring, you can transform your life and career, improve your relationships, and scale your business within as little as 12 days or weeks.

Give your future a fighting chance by working on your soft skills.

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