Prevention is Strategic and Less Costly

As promised, I’ll be sharing with you a blog I’m writing based on my recent trip to West Virginia focusing on Well-being. It will soon be available. In the meantime, I thought sharing with you one of the Pathways we provide at Success Pathways.

We at Success Pathways strongly believe that investing in personal development is a win-win for the greater organization and its people. The good news is that more and more smart organizations are realizing the benefit of providing personal development to their people and leaders, and as a result, they’re investing heavily. My hat is off to such health-conscious organizations.

Even if your organization isn’t health-conscious and supporting you in leading a health-conscious lifestyle, you should take this matter into your hands. You have to self-educate and stay healthy and vibrant if your desire is to enjoy every minute you get out of life, and your relationships, and perform your family, professional, organizational, and community duties properly.

You must focus on prevention. Take your well-being seriously while you are healthy and vibrant.

You don’t want to find yourself dealing with deteriorating health once your defense line is obliterated.

Prevention is cheaper than treatment. Strengthening your immune system and building your defense line is a strategic approach while waiting to deal with one disease at a time is tactical and costly.

We at Success Pathways, using our Personal Development Pathway, would like to work with individuals and institutions that are strategic. This Pathway uses a three-stage framework to empower our clients to attain self-mastery (see the illustration above).

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