One on One Consultation to Empower Your 1st Timer Leaders

Reach out to see how we may help you empower your first-time leaders. We provide transition programs for new:

  • Supervisors,
  • Middle managers, and
  • Executives.


According to the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), “60% of new managers fail within the first 24 months in their new position.”

Many organizations promote their star employees to supervisory roles for the first time without equipping them properly to succeed in their new roles. They throw them into deep water and watch to see if they swim or sink. Unfortunately, many sink or barely survive after hurting their health, their team members’ well-being, and the larger organization’s bottom lines for months, if not years.

On the other hand, when new leaders are well prepared before or immediately after promotion, they can have an undeniable impact. They:

  1. Improve performance,
  2. Increase collaboration,
  3. Decrease burnout, turnover, and conflict…


In this regard, we have already published a book ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome,’ which became Amazon’s #1 Bestseller. The book garnered the support of thought leaders, such as:

  • Marshall Goldsmith,
  • Eddie Turner,
  • David Burkus,
  • Sylvia Baffour, and many other leadership experts and educators.

This book aims to equip first-time:

  1. Supervisors,
  2. Project managers, and
  3. Team leaders to transition smoothly and excel at their new leadership roles from the get-go.


The book is one of the resources we provide to bridge the gap and offer these first-timers the support they need to transition smoothly and excel at their new leadership roles. We’ve also follow-up products and services:

  • Online products include a detailed manual, a 6-hour masterclass, and an 11-module online course.
  • A 1-day workshop (webinar) entitled “Excelling as a 1st Time Supervisor or Manager: How to make a smooth transition and excel at your new leadership role from the get-go.”
  • A cohort program called “Emerging Leaders Program.”


Let us know if you are interested in chatting. We’d like to hear what you’re doing to empower your new leaders and see how we may support what you do.

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