Interview with Helen on personal discipline, corporate culture, critical thinking, and more

If you are a professional, entrepreneur, or a leader of your team, organization, or community and you’ve been unhappy about where you’re and you know that you have to make a serious change, you need to watch the interview I had #helenshow. Do you want to succeed, and ultimately become world-class and great in what you do? Do you desire to transform your life, career, team, organization, or community by transforming yourself and your people? Are you sick and tired of staying the same? You should check this interview out.

If you would like to develop empowering habits that program and set you up to succeed; if you desire to have critical thinking to remain creative, innovative, and bust tough problems with ease and consistently; if you want to make a deep change and experience true and lasting transformation by transforming your culture, watch the clip and apply some of the insights you gain from the conversation.

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