Finding Bliss Daily at Work and in the Marketplace

Lessons from my trip to the sunshine state of Florida


Why don’t we enjoy a blissful state all the time?

It is an uphill battle to enjoy a spiritually awakened state if our brain and ego aren’t tamed.

Our brain’s primary preoccupation is survival. It is busy scanning its environment all the time and alerting us to the slightest dangers. You can’t enjoy a blissful state while constantly getting alarm notifications.

The ego too. It has its own preoccupation. As a personality in the mental space, it only acknowledges what can be seen in our bare eyes. It is also obsessed with the well-being of the physical body. It doesn’t recognize the non-material world. Ego mutes the inner voice and never leans to our highest self.

No one enjoys a blissful state all the time

Even those people who can tame their brains and egos may not enjoy a blissful state all the time though. I’d question anyone who tells me that they do find their bliss uninterrupted and the whole day unless they reside outside of this physical universe or live in a monastery.

However, I’ve witnessed many people who do find their bliss daily though the degree they stay in a blissful state may vary from person to person, day to day, season to season.

Some of them stay spiritually awake for hours daily while others for a few minutes every day.

There are also those exceptional spiritually awakened individuals who bend reality to stay mindful most of their waking life regardless of the mess and chaos going on around them.

  • Which one are you?
  • How awake are you from 1 to 10, 1 being unawakened while 10 super awake?
  • How many hours (minutes) per day do you stay spiritually awake and mindful?
  • What have you been doing to stay awake?
  • What outcomes have you achieved because of this habit?


The benefits of spiritual awakening and mindfulness

If in case you haven’t yet been convinced why you should be spiritually awakened and mindful, let me share with you some of the benefits both individually and collectively. Spiritually awakened and mindful individuals:

  1. Are self-aware, and they know their uniqueness, strengths, and limitations.
  2. Have self-control; they manage themselves well.
  3. Get along better with others including difficult people.
  4. Handle stress more than those who are not.
  5. Excel in turning conflicts and disagreements into opportunities.
  6. Tap into their unlimited potential that can’t be seen with necked eyes.
  7. Create and innovate frequently.
  8. Are resilient and come back from a setback quickly.
  9. And many more personal and corporate benefits.


If you don’t see all or some of the above expressed in your personal life, family, and/or organization, could it be because:

  • You haven’t yet been convinced of the relevance of spiritual development and mindfulness.
  • You aren’t willing to invest your time, energy, and resources in it.
  • You haven’t given attention to your inner self, your highest self within as you are supposed to?
  • You’re extremely busy and lack the time and energy to invest in your and the spiritual growth of the people around you.


Spiritually awakened people aren’t superhuman and don’t live in a bubble

Achieving spiritual growth and enjoying its benefits aren’t free though.

People who excel in staying awake and mindful on a daily basis take time, even if it is a few minutes from their busy schedule to communion with their highest self.

They are grounded. Yes, like everybody else, they may sometimes have:

  • Headaches.
  • Bad days.
  • Anger and frustration.
  • Disappointments.
  • Setbacks and betrayals.


Being spiritual and mindful doesn’t mean you live in a perfect bubble unharmed by the harsh realities of life. It means you have physical and mental resilience. You may experience frustration and disappointments, but you won’t be oppressed. You may get hurt but you won’t be damaged. You may fall but you’ll get up quickly. You’ll find an ‘oasis’ in the middle of a ‘desert’.

That is why spiritually awakened and mindful people experience bliss amid chaos.

  1. Challenges,
  2. Stress,
  3. Setbacks,
  4. Disappointments, and
  5. Pressures can’t suppress and subdue them at all, at least, not for long.


They’ve the bandwidth and reservoir to handle all of these and even more. They bounce back with minimal downtime.

These individuals excel at transcending from the physical to the metaphysical and spiritual with ease.

Becoming and staying spiritual isn’t free

Let’s be on the same page. I don’t believe that you can easily switch on and off at will and enjoy a blissful life without any effort. It’s not easy to become and stay spiritual.

Like every other good thing, it has a high price tag. You should have the willingness, and commitment, and practice it until it becomes a habit.

Of course, I’m not one of those people who promote spirituality and mindfulness for the sole purpose of forgetting or, at least, enduring the pain one experiences in life. I’m proactive and promote practical spirituality. I’m an advocate for developing one’s spirituality to succeed at home, work, and marketplaces.

Here is the good news though. Unlike finding your blissful spot on earth, finding, and entering the metaphysical and spiritual realm is easier and cheaper than you think. You can do it at any time and anywhere, and for free once it becomes your habit, your second nature…

In a blissful state in the Sunshine State of Florida

I was in the Sunshine State of Florida (Orlando and Miami) on November 5 – 13th, 2023.

Florida is one of the places I find my physical bliss. Throughout this blog, I posted a few short videos and some pics if you’ve never been there. These videos and pics give you a glimpse of what it feels like to be in the Sunshine State. By the way, I’ve not been paid by Florida’s tourism department or the hotels and resorts in the State.

Of course, I’ve been to many beautiful beaches. But when I’m in Miami, it is totally different.

A couple of reasons:

  1. I was born and raised in tropical weather. It feel like at home whenever I go to the Sunshine State and walk on its beautiful beaches.
  2. It has been believed that 98% of our physical body is made up of water. Coming close to the main source of my physical body feels like at home.


I don’t know about you. I like to be around water as much as possible. Where I live now, in Germantown, MD, I go for a walk daily to be close to water bodies, unless the weather is bad.

Here is a challenge though:

  • I don’t live in Florida. I can’t go to these breathtaking beaches daily, of course, unless I relocate (Just you know, in the last couple of years, I’ve been contemplating moving to Florida).
  • Most of my work is in the DC metro area. My work and vacation don’t take me there daily, even yearly. I was there in October 2021. I returned this November after two years.
  • I can’t drive or fly there as I wish. To say the least, it is inconvenient and expensive to find my physical bliss on a daily basis and in one of my favorite places in the world.


Entering into a blissful state isn’t a rocket since nor expensive

On the other hand, finding and entering my bliss state metaphysically and spiritually and daily is possible. I can do it within minutes, and without paying any fees.

Discussing how to transcend from the physical to the metaphysical by lowering one’s brain wavelength from the hyperactive beta state to the alpha, to the theta, and to the delta is beyond the scope of this blog. What I can tell you now is that it only takes:

  1. Your willingness,
  2. Making it a habit, and
  3. Trading a fraction of your time daily to be in a bliss state daily.


Let me ask you:

  • How frequently do you experience your version of bliss?
  • When do you go there? Which part of the day do you prefer to plug into this state of bliss?
  • How do you do it? What is your approach, method, or practice to get there?


Carl Jung on spirituality

You have been reading this far means you appreciate the value of spirituality, and you could see the relevance of spirituality in one’s personal space. However, you may be struggling to embrace spirituality at work and in marketplaces. If so, let me introduce you to Carl Jung and his take on spirituality.

You might have already heard about him if you have taken one of the popular personal assessments, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Carl was a Swiss psychiatrist, and psychoanalyst who was equally popular as Sigmund Freud. He provided alternative views on human psychology during the heydays of Sigmund Freud. I like his assessment of the benefits of becoming spiritual.

He said: “No matter what the world thinks about religious experience, the one who has it possesses a great treasure, a thing that has become for him a source of life, meaning, and beauty, and that has given a new splendor to the world and to mankind.”

More and more organizations have begun to appreciate spiritual development

At Success Pathways, we understand that today’s high-paced, stressful, and chaotic work and marketplaces require us to become mindful and find our bliss even if it means for a few minutes a day. It makes a huge difference both for individual and corporate success. It is a win-win!

If in case you aren’t paying attention, these days, many organizations are taking advantage of spirituality. It isn’t taboo to practice spirituality and mindfulness at work and in the marketplace anymore.

These few elite organizations and teams use it as one of their competitive advantages. These institutions are ahead of the curve. They recognized that they could not pursue their mission and realize their dreams without tapping into the individual and corporate potential of their people. They’re intentional and empower their people to recognize their highest selves within.

These exceptional organizations recognized that practicing mindfulness and developing resilience shouldn’t be left to the mystics alone. One doesn’t need to be religious to stay awake spiritually. Regardless of one’s religious affiliation and preferences, mindfulness and spirituality should be developed as a competency to complement other skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century market and workplaces.

Smart organizations are taking advantage of spiritual development and mindfulness

To overcome the unprecedented challenges the century poses and tapping into the opportunities it presents demands growing within and spiritually. Smart leaders and organizations (Google and Apple, to mention a few) understand that a spiritually awakened workforce is:

  1. Creative,
  2. Innovative,
  3. Passionate,
  4. Resilient,
  5. Loving, caring, and more…


These very few smart organizations realized that they could not tap into the individual and corporate potential of their people without investing in their spiritual development. As a result, they create and nurture a conducive environment that allows their people- regardless of their religious affiliations, to:

  • Tap into their spiritual side,
  • Increase their consciousness,
  • Enter their bliss daily, and
  • Grow spiritually on a consistent basis to become the best version of themselves.

If you’re a leader of your team or organization:

  1. What’ve you been doing to help your team members find and enter their bliss daily?
  2. Has this helped your people manage stress, keep a work-life balance, and become creative and innovative?


You don’t want to be left out, and we can help

You don’t want to be left out. You too can do the same. It is unlikely, if not impossible, to be great in what we do without recognizing our true identity- the highest self within, and without tapping into our spiritual dimension. We also cannot serve our organizations and communities to the max without recognizing and knowing how to get in touch and align with our best version within.

We, at Success Pathways, have a personal development pathway to empower your people to manifest their highest selves in every situation- good or bad, calm or chaotic, peaceful or stressful.

If you would like us to support your efforts to develop the mindfulness of your people, reach out to our team at [email protected]

By the way, if you’re interested in watching the 2 VIDEOS I recorded while in Florida, check them out and let me know your thoughts, and also share with friends and colleagues who may benefit from these informative clips:

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