Facilitated a 3-day Workshop in Albuquerque NM for the 1st Time

Coming from Ethiopia- a land filled with gigantic mountains, my trip to Albuquerque, NM, this past week for the 1st time sent me memory lane.

One of my frustrations living in the DMV area for the past 18 years has been the lack of such scenery I enjoyed in NM.

Compared to these mountains in Albuquerque, the ones we have in our metro area are bumps.

The maximum we get is a hill here and another one there 😀 That is it 🥲

I traveled to NM to facilitate a 3-day leadership workshop for middle leaders.

I took two of the pictures below from our client’s offices.

Can you imagine coming to work daily while enjoying such breathtaking scenery? I was jealous, and I didn’t hide it from them…

How can you quantify the value of sitting in your office and experiencing sunrise 🌅 and sunset 🌇 on a regular basis?! Priceless…