You can be Tomorrow’s Qatar or Kylian Mbappé

3 Takeaways from the 2022 Word Cup, which you can translate into your personal, professional, organizational, and business life, even if you’re not a footballer nor a fan of soccer

Congratulations to Qatar to be the first Middle Eastern country to host World Cup!

Congrats also to Argentinians and Messi’s fans around the world!

The World Cup is one of the platforms that bring us together. Shattering all human-made and artificial barriers that keep us apart, it reminds us that we share a common heritage and destiny in this life-sustaining universe as a species…

Unlike some institutions that lead us often to destructive competitions and even plug us into WAR, it facilitates friendly competition among nations.

Regardless of its imperfections and stumbling, FIFA has SOFT and CONSTRUCTIVE power more than any other global institution in the world. It brings humanity together and reminds us that we have more things in common than what separates us.

Now that the 2022 World Cup is over, where should we channel our energy until the next world cup in four years?

Most importantly, are there any personal and corporate lessons we should draw from this year’s World Cup?

I believe that there are many takeaways that can be translated into other industries. Let me share a few of them here:

  1. Even if your team, organization, or nation is an underdog or underperforming now, it can have its own hay days ahead of it like Qatar.

Who thought, let’s say 20 or even 10 years ago, a tiny country in the Middle East will be selected to host a World Cup?!

Most importantly, who believed back then that such a country would demonstrate world-class performance hosting one of the most watched sports games in the world?!

Thus, don’t lose hope! Don’t bury your head in the sand because of where you’re in life right NOW!

Lift your head up… Keep doing your parts day in and day out… Be disciplined and committed on a regular basis… Soon, the world will find and crown you with the reward you deserve…

  1. Even if you may have a few followers, customers, and supporters at the moment, don’t faint.

All fans of other teams didn’t quit and abandoned the game even if their most preferred teams dropped out.

They continued to root for the next preferred team.

Finally, Morocco, Croatia, France, and Argentina had more fans than they had when they entered the game.

It doesn’t matter where you commence.

What matters is whether you keep on outperforming your former self and adding value to the people around you one person (client, supporter, etc.) at a time as you march forward.

If you do your part, you don’t need to worry about the fans, clients, and customers. They know what is best for themselves; they will find you…

  1. Even if nobody knows and acknowledges you TODAY, your best days are ahead.

Unless you give up… Unless you surrender… You have many golden chances ahead of you…

A few years ago, most people in the world never heard of Kylian Mbappé.

Now? He is a household name.

Why is that? It is because he is a lucky dude? Because he is taller, stronger, faster, and more talented than everybody else? Not at all!

When you look at him, he is just an average footballer by all outward measures.

However, I can guarantee you that there were a few exceptional things he did that empowered him to stand out among the crowd.

To mention a few:

  • Healthy self-esteem. If he didn’t believe in himself and his abilities, in the first place, he wouldn’t have reached this far.


He wouldn’t have even begun playing, let alone becoming world-class at the age of 23.

How do you see yourself? I’m not asking how people see you or how you think others are perceiving you. That is none of your business!

How you treat yourself when you’re alone and within is far more powerful and consequential than what the world around thinks of you…

  • He saw himself where he is today a long time ago.

If you open his mind and read it, he isn’t that surprised. He doesn’t wonder how he did get here and how good he has become lately.

He already saw himself performing at the elite level. He is now living his dreams that were within…

Mbappé had scored some incredible goals first in his mind and in the metaphysical, well before he actually scored a single goal in the physical.

Are you a dreamer? Have you seen yourself reaching your long-term goals? Have you begun thinking, talking, behaving, and acting as if you’ve already arrived at your glorious destiny?

You can only ACTUALIZE what you can VISUALIZE!

  • He must have gone the extra mile to train hard more than other players in and out of season.

He must have an undying commitment to his craft.

Though Mbappé seems relaxed and cheerful on the outside, it shouldn’t fool you. He must have overcome many disappointments, setbacks, and defeats to get where he is now.

Are you committed to your purpose in life? Are you giving it a fair chance? Is it the MAIN thing?

Have you disciplined and developed high-performance habits in order to serve the world with world-class excellence in the area of your passion?

Do you have the resilience to outlast continual setbacks?

Remember, your journey toward unchaining your highest self, becoming world-class, and great in your own unique way is a protracted and twisted journey, which demands untiring dedication day in and day out.

You can be an average guy or gal right now.

Where you’ll be tomorrow isn’t outside of your hands, at least not yet, since you’re breathing, reading this blog, and alive.

Sow commitment to reap elite-level rewards like Messi, Mbappé, and so on.

You’ll never bear a fruit whose seed you aren’t willing to plant…

You may never enter professional sports let alone become a world-class footballer.

You may never become like Messi or Mbappé.

You may not have the physic, health, talent, or passion.


  • You don’t need to duplicate others.
  • You don’t need to be in an industry that has billion of fans.
  • You don’t need to be in a profession that requires exceptional physical strength, beauty, and mental caliber…

In your own unique ways and field, you’re special…

Regardless of your limitations, struggles, and disappointments so far, you have a shot in life to become whom you are meant to be in the area of your passion, and in your own unique way.

The world is full of dire needs, challenges, and problems. The world is also full of FANS…

Only sports need fans to exist and thrive. Most other fields don’t need Spectators who sit on the other side of the fence and watch from the sidelines.

What humanity needs is PLAYERS in every field who play their fair share. What today’s world eagerly seeks are SUPERSTARS who are givers, not just takers all the time… Those who roll their sleeves up and get their hands dirty…

Our world and humanity are desperately looking for ordinary people who do extraordinary things wherever they’re needed the most, and according to their purpose, calling, passion, talent, gift, and experience…

Before the World Cup fever leaves you, raise your own bar higher.

Given that you have unlimited potential, you must vow to manifest your best self, and serve the world around you with world-class excellence even if you may not get there sooner.

Right NOW, you may be experiencing setback after setback, and you may think you’re out of the game of life or at least this season of your life.

Don’t hang the glove yet! Give your best daily the way you know how while outgrowing your former self. Without waiting long, you’ll be surprised that the world around you will come around and acknowledge your undeniable contributions to your team, organization, or community.

Don’t allow failure, disappointments, and setbacks on the road toward manifesting the best version of yourself to hold you back or slow you down…

Don’t permit past or current or future rejections to define who you are. Rather use these to fuel you forward and become UNSTOPPABLE!

Let me know which team you supported, what unique experiences you have had, and the three lessons you personally learned from this year’s World Cup.

Share also in the comment area your thoughts about what I shared. 

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