Who is the boss, the mission or the culture?

What do you call someone who had erected a building and then wondered: “Now, I have this building, what am I going to use it for?” lol

I can imagine the word or phrase you just used to describe such a fool builder ? It’s straightforward. No one in his/her right mind does such a thing. You first decide the mission/purpose of the future building, and you construct it accordingly. The mission dictates the type, location, shape, height, materials you will use to construct it, and other details. The building is just the servant of the mission.

Unfortunately, in many places, the inhabitants unconsciously/unintentionally let the culture be the invisible boss. In some places, they may not even question it even if it is coming in the way and sabotaging the mission. They’re too blind loyal to the culture (the building) than the mission- the main thing!

The culture should be the servant. It should serve the boss- the grand mission of the group, team, organization, or community. It should advance the greater good!

Is your culture serving your mission? How do you know? If it has come in the way, what have you done about it lately?

When there is alignment between the mission and culture, the cause/purpose of the team, organization, or group advances meeting its goals. Everything (products, services, policies, and so on) in that organization becomes aligned with the grand mission. Every stakeholder feels good about being part of the culture, enjoying harmony, synergy, and joy. There are also fewer frictions, conflicts, and as a result, lower turnovers. Those who are served by the mission of the organization also get high-quality products/services, customer service, and overall fulfillment. It is a win-win for every party involved!
Who doesn’t want such results?! But it takes intentionality, commitment, investment, and some work. And, we are here to help.

We help teams, groups, organizations, and communities create/recreate a unique culture. We also support those who have an existing culture that needs some form of touch, tweaking, or reforming. Reach out if you have any questions at [email protected]

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