What is and isn’t Greatness

We are facing two major crises at the same time. While our hands were full as we dealt with the global pandemic that was caused by COVID19, we were greeted by another national crisis following the brutal murder of George Floyd. Since then, the world has been enraged and demanding justice, institutional reforms, and policy changes.

Well, these two crises won’t be the last ones. I don’t think that we will have a world free from crises at all. In that case, we better step up and develop the right mindset, competencies, and character that enable us to survive crises that are trying to drown us and future ones that may come to swallow us alive individually and collectively. What is more? We must be multitasked to carry out our day to day responsibilities while maintaining our sanity to deal with the uncomfortable realities these two crises brought on us. We must also be proactive to find sustainable solutions for the root causes of these crises while addressing the immediate challenges that impact us all individually and collectively.

While we mourn those who died and feel the pains of those who are affected, directly or indirectly, we should do our parts to reverse what was wrong and build what is right and win-win for everyone in our society. We should all play our part toward institutional reforms and policy changes collectively. Nonetheless, I must be honest with you that such changes take time. Besides, we individually may not have direct control to dictate the content and pace of these reforms and policy changes. What we have is control over what we can do starting from today.

We should not wait for all the proverbial traffic lights to turn green to begin driving and heading toward our destiny. We should work on ourselves for which we have absolute control without waiting for anyone. We can begin working on ourselves right away without waiting days, weeks, months, years, and until institutions and policies to change.

You may ask, what kind of work are you suggesting? I am proposing that you begin to unchain the greatness within you. In my two books entitled ‘The Highest Level of Greatness’ and ‘Unchain Your Greatness, I declared the truth your true inner self knows: You are greatness material. We weren’t created for mediocrity. We’re masterpieces created by the GREAT God who has no limitation and scarcity. The God who never creates accidents and mediocre. We were designed, configured, equipped, and sent to manifest His Greatness in this universe.

Since the truth about you is what I just stated above, you shouldn’t believe in any opinion that doesn’t agree with these truths. They’re entitled to their opinion. You’re also entitled to your opinion which is based on the eternal truth that you’re created after the image of God who is an expert in creating greatness. What is left, which is in your absolute control, is to work on your mindset- To configure and reconfigure your attitude. Once that work is done, you no more are a victim or helpless. You’re a diamond in the rough. The rest is a matter of time. However, if you are messed up in your head between your ears, no one can deliver you. You won’t be able to claim or reclaim your birthright of greatness regardless of your ethnicity, race, gender, background, etc.

If you are an underdog and despised by your friends, colleagues, and/or society as nobody, you may be wondering as you read the above statements whether I am in my right mind when I tell you that people like you are meant to attain a glorious destiny before they leave this planet. Yes, I truly believe in what I’m writing. I’m your transformation architect empowering you to experience transformation from underdog to great, from underdog to top dog. Trust me, they have been brainwashing you since childhood telling you that ‘you don’t amount to anything’, and you trusted them. You have been lied against without even knowing it. Of course, our belief system is formed when we were young. Most of the counterproductive beliefs that are sabotaging us were put without our conscious awareness and choice. However, this must not continue.

I encourage you to begin working on yourself starting today while playing your part for justice and equality. Throughout the thought of you do not amount to anything. Like the great ones you admire and adore, you have what it takes to attain greatness. They were like you before they began their journey toward greatness. They were true to who they were. They committed to their purpose and cause. They gave it their best, went all in, and left a legacy that you and I still celebrate.

You too can attain such a success during your lifetime. However, that journey must begin now. You can transform yourself from an underdog to top dog in the field of your choice. You deserve to live a dignified life. You have what it takes to earn the respect of those who may despise you. Rather than demanding respect, which you don’t have much control (you cannot stop someone what they think about you in their head), you can earn it and when that happens, they cannot help it but respect you even if you do it not to appease or meet the expectation of anyone else.

Acknowledging that there are many misunderstandings and myths that may prevent many from believing that they are greatness material, in Episode 14, I answered the questions of what is and isn’t greatness. I clarified some misunderstandings that have kept many from claiming their birthright of greatness. By giving some examples, my own story, I showed some of the faulty beliefs that have kept people from embracing the concept of greatness. I also defined what true greatness means, greatness based on who you truly are. Watch the clip below to learn more and let me know your thought:

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