We’ll Breakthrough & Outlast COVID19!

Our Personal & Collective Leadership have been tested with Coronavirus. This setback blindsided us testing our readiness, growth, and resilience personally & corporately.

We’ve a choice, either to panic, complain & lose hope or take this setback to regroup & use it as a steppingstone to experience a quantum leap jump individually (in our health, career, business, etc.) and corporately (our healthcare, early warning, disaster prevention, security & defense systems) to take our advancement and civilization to the next level.

We all are humbled and recognized how we individually & collectively are vulnerable, our institutions & the knowledge we have accumulated are weak in the face of this deadly virus.

Regardless, it’s not helpful to blame one another & fingerprinting somewhere, at least, not NOW. It is also not beneficiary, at least in the long run, to panic and spend countless hours worrying about what might happen to us individually, the people we care about, our career, businesses, and so on.

Of course, this pandemic will definitely test our leadership, which nation, organization & person demonstrates resilience in the face of crisis. That is to be seen.

The question now is, what can we all do first to outlast this attack & ultimately use it to outgrow other similar attacks from any corner that may blindside us in the future.

Let’s stop panicking and losing hope. This doesn’t help anyone! Let’s be hopeful, BELIEVE, and be proactive while still fearful, uncertain, and in danger of being sick, losing our jobs, homes, loved ones, etc. Let’s do our part, and pray to God where He is good at- showing our scientists/leaders the solutions to defeating this enemy with the mind He gave us quickly and without further damages. Let’s pray to Him to protect us & the people we care about once we do our parts…

We will pass through this and survive to tell the story. We’ll be strong and become better after all of this.

Let’s do our best individually and collectively to stop its spread. Learn lessons individually and collectively on how to beat such threats differently and better than we did this time.

What do you plan to do from your side to protect yourself & others? What lessons have you learned from this experience personally and institutionally? What you should be doing starting from today to show leadership and develop your resilience to outlast this pandemic and its impacts now and in the future from similar threats? Going forward, what would you do differently to protect your health, career, and business from such future unforeseeable setbacks?

As you can see from the image above, like these resilient plants, we will break through and come out of this pandemic stronger and more determined!!!