Webinar on roadblocks preventing blacks from succeeding in life

Title: Reasons Holding Back Many from Becoming Successful in the Black Community 

Date: Saturday November 7th, 2020  

Time: 3 pm EST 

Duration: 1 hour 

Place: Virtual via Zoom  

Facilitator: Dr. Assegid Habtewold 


Every community has its own native challenges that deter the majority of its members from succeeding. The black communities around the world aren’t exceptional. There are both micro and macro level roadblocks preventing the overwhelming majority from succeeding in life. Unfortunately, excessive emphasis has only been given to the mega and institutional barriers. Though these reasons are real, legitimate, and must be tackled, less attention has been given to the microscopic, family, and sub-cultural stumbling blocks. Based on some scientific evidences, personal observations, and countless conversations, in this 1-hour webinar, Dr. Assegid will shed light on the four major bottlenecks that deter the majority blacks around the world from succeeding. The main goal of this webinar is to increase your awareness, and also equip you with some insights, practical strategies, and tactics to go beyond these obstacles to succeed, be great in what you do, and ultimately become wealthy.  

Learning Objectives:  

The following are the major learning objectives of the webinar:  

  1. To identify the microscopic and macroscopic level barriers. 
  2. To recognize the full impacts of these roadblocks. 
  3. To suggest some potential solutions to overcome these challenges and in turn succeed individually and collectively.  
  4. And more.