Webinar on Managing Emotions in the COVID19 Era

Crisis comes on all of us. It doesn’t have any favorites. It is stingy 

Experiencing crisis is part of life and being human. However, those who understand emotions (what emotions are, how they are formed, what triggers them, etc.), and most importantly, those who are skillful to manage their emotions and the emotions of others have a better chance to handle the stress that comes with a crisis like this.

No wonder why the wisest king who ever lived on earth said he who controls his emotions is more powerful than the one who conquers a city. Many lives are stressed out, health impacted, relationships ruined, and partnerships damaged because of a lack of emotional fitness during a crisis.

Many don’t understand their own emotions and/or the emotions of others. Even if they do, they don’t think they can do something about the uninvited and unproductive emotions that frequent them. They find themselves helpless and victims of emotions. That shouldn’t be you!!!

If you’re specially a leader, though you are impacted directly or indirectly by this pandemic like everybody else, you have an additional responsibility to serve your communities with courage and emotional fitness during this tough time. Taking this into account, one of the non-profit organizations I volunteer for has arranged a free webinar that will be conducted this coming Saturday on April 25th. For details, please check out this link https://proleadership.org/?p=1886

Though this webinar was arranged for our Teams both here in the Diaspora and Africa, we have enough seats to invite some of our past leaders and volunteers, and future prospective strategic partners and volunteers.

If you haven’t yet, this is my hope that you will join me at PRO Leadership to raise the next generation of leaders. One of the key leadership competencies during crises is our emotional fitness. We cannot lead successfully in the midst of chaos if we don’t master our emotions and engage with others at emotional level.

Therefore, if you have been one of our past leaders/volunteers or pledge to be one of our future prospective strategic partners and volunteers, and interested to join our teams as we discuss how to manage our emotions in the COVID19 Era, email your interest to [email protected] to get the login info

Hope to see you then!