We MUST Demand Holistic Changes

To avoid being politically incorrect, they’re mute publicly and on social.

In private conversations, these duds can become very blunt without any self-consciousness.

They’re not ashamed to let you know what they think of you.

The conversation could go in any direction depending on whom they’re talking to…

It could go like this:

“You guys should be grateful!”

‘What do you mean?!’ you ask with bewilderment.

“I mean, think about where guys like you were a few years (decades) ago.”

They’re talking about people from your gender or race or ethnicity or bloodline or social status or disability group…

How have you been responding to such belittlements?

Well, you might have been nice and nodded your head in the affirmative.

I don’t consider you a ‘nice’ person though. You’re trying to be politically correct if you ask me.

Let me guess, while the person is talking, deep inside you’re boiled, indignant, mad, and angry, to say the least.

‘What should have been my response?’, you may ask.

I’d say, ‘Hell, NO! I’m not yet grateful…’

Remember, this isn’t about you.

Dire prices have been paid in life, blood, sweat, and tears for our society to be where it’s today. It wasn’t cheap.

You should have responded, ‘Hell, NO! I’m not yet grateful…

…I’ll be grateful when the dignity of humanity is restored in full… When we make a quantum leap… When we stop dragging our feet, making only minute, slow-paced, and incremental progress!’

Whether we’re top dogs in the mainstream or underdogs among minorities, we all should raise the bar high and dissatisfy ourselves until the dignity of humanity is restored!

Till each individual- regardless of their gender, race, ethnicity, social status, or disability- is treated like the image of God, we MUST demand holistic changes. Amendments of some laws, policies, regulations, and institutions here and there and separately cannot cut it any longer.

We need all-around and comprehensive transformation to experience meaningful human advancement that we the contemporary and the next generations deserve…

As of NOW, we’re too far away from treating each individual with at most dignity as an image of God.

Thus, we should not be that grateful, and complacent, and settle for less…