Understanding the 11 Antidotes

Below is an excerpt from my upcoming book entitled ‘Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome in Leadership’:

Overview on the 11 Antidotes

Below are 11 antidotes you need to make a smooth transition in your first leadership position. They facilitate your healing quickly from the syndrome. If you take enough doses of these antidotes, not only will they cure you now, but they will immunize you for your future first-timer leadership positions.

Antidote 1Know Your Place increases your awareness. It provides you areas where you need to improve your self-awareness, tells you what kinds of questions to ask, and where to find them so that you ‘know your place’ by profoundly knowing yourself, the organization, its people, and key stakeholders.

Antidote 2Own Your Place boosts your confidence level. It equips you to translate your knowledge from the first antidote into a positive attitude, emotions, and bold actions, which in turn increases your self-confidence to be in charge and ultimately to ‘own your place.’ 

Antidote 3Build Your Team multiplies your efforts exponentially. It enables you to understand how team dynamics work, the team-building model, and approaches that build and transform your team to function like a well-oiled machine.

Antidote 4Communicate with Stakeholders Effectively connects you with others. It assists you in recognizing what it takes to communicate effectively with your supervisor, team members, and other critical stakeholders by understanding their communication preferences, coming up with a communication strategy, and improving your communication competencies.

Antidote 5Deliver Quick Results immediately heightens your productivity. It empowers you to deliver results by setting goals, managing your time and energy, and quickly increasing your and your team’s productivity.

Antidote 6Make Timely Decisions encourages you in the face of problems and challenges. It prepares you to make tough and timely decisions, even when you don’t have enough time and data to rely on, by understanding the problem-solving model, sources of decision-making, and more.

Antidote 7Engage Your People elevates your influence to the next level. It teaches you how to inspire and engage your people from the get-go by recognizing how motivation works and creating a culture that engages, offers proper appreciation, and employs effective delegation.

Antidote 8- Strive for Excellence magnifies your performance. It educates you to realize the place of excellence, how to manage performance, create and sustain a culture that promotes giving and receiving feedback, and how to deal with poor performers.

Antidote 9- Articulate Your Leadership Philosophy makes you predictable. It introduces you to a critical leadership concept – Leadership Philosophy, and explains why it is essential, how to articulate your philosophy, and how to share it with your key people.

Antidote 10- Become Authentic and Credible enhances your trustworthiness. It shows you the place of authenticity and credibility in leadership, the importance of demonstrating immediate authenticity and credibility, exhibiting consistency, and eagerness to learn.

Antidote 11-Develop Yourself and Your People allows you to tap into your and your peoples’ potential. It discusses the significance of leadership growth, how to craft your and your team’s development plan, and discusses how to help vulnerable team members.

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