Unchain Your Greatness: Lesson from a deaf frog

“…Once someone shared with me an illustration a journalist used. He told the group about a mountain climbing competition among frogs. Those frogs at the bottom of the mountain shouted deafeningly against the frogs that were climbing fast and higher. Without fail, almost all of them fell from wherever they were and started over except one frog that kept climbing. This frog reached the top of the mountain regardless of the shouting cry from the rest and won the competition.

Then, the journalist asked the group: “Why do you think only one frog succeeded to finish the race?” They answered: “The champion frog neglected the shouting and focused on the task at hand.” They were wrong. The answer was: “The winning frog was deaf.”

The moral of the story is that we have what it takes to unleash our greatness. We can climb the ladder of greatness until we unchain our greatness to the fullest. The daunting task is whether we are able, like the deaf frog, to ignore the belittling noises around us as we head toward our glorious destiny.” Taken from Unchain Your Greatness