Trust Your Highest Self to Manifest the Best Version of Yourself

This morning, Facebook reminded me of a post from 6 years ago. In that post, I shared the letter below. I know it is controversial. Many people claim that it is fake. It could be.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that thousands, if not millions around the world, have been told not just by their teachers but also by their own parents and people within their inner circle that they don’t have what it takes to translate their dreams into realities.

This letter may not necessarily be used as a historic document or an exhibit in court. But, it can be used as a great reminder of how little other people know about you. Most people don’t even know themselves well. They never came in contact with their highest self. They haven’t yet recognized the unlimited potential they carry within. So, why are you taking them seriously? They can’t figure out who you truly are, and how far you can go in life!

Don’t bet your future on the opinions of others. Many people, unfortunately even those smart ones, either flatter or belittle you. Of course, depending on their mood that day 🙂 Depending on what they desire to get from you or what motivation they harbor within when they approach you 🙂

It may shock you, or maybe not at all. Very few have the self-esteem to see your greatness in your own way. Very few are generous to see who you can become in the future by overlooking who you have become so far. What they see in their naked eyes in the physical doesn’t stop them from believing what is in you as limitless potential. Because of the latter, they don’t dismiss you because of your current average performance and/or your unimpressive outward-looking and/or limited possessions at the moment.

Sadly, many, deep inside and unconsciously, don’t have self-worth. Why are you then trusting such voices?! They can’t give you what they don’t have within. Don’t put such people on a pedestal without them earning it!

Trust your gut- your highest self, and believe what he/she is telling you than those outside voices that are coming from people who don’t even believe in themselves, let alone in you and your limitless potential.

What is more, listen to your Creator! Your Creator is closer than voices outside of you. This Voice doesn’t flatter or belittle you. It doesn’t have wrong motives or won’t be intimidated if you unchain your greatness and manifest your highest self.

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