Translating Your Dreams into Realities Faster

How to Sell Your Ideas, Products, & Services with Unshakable Confidence without Sounding like a Typical Salesperson


You can’t succeed in anything significant without excelling in selling your:

  • Ideas,
  • Proposals,
  • Projects,
  • Products, and/or
  • Services like a pro.

Your dreams cannot translate into realities faster without your closing abilities…

  • Do you want to get your next promotion FASTER so that you begin to enjoy the raise, benefits, and perks that come with it?
  • Are you interested in finding partners, sponsors, and alliances that support and fund your cause and enable you to meet your goals QUICKLY?
  • Do you want to attract the best and expand, scale, and grow RAPIDLY?

If you said yes, you need to excel in SELLING.

You can have off-chart confidence, talent, and over-the-top good intentions. It does matter! Many people do also have these.

You can’t stand out among the crowd without standing out with your ability to sell.

At this juncture, you may wonder whether I’m suggesting that you should become a salesperson. I’m not professionally a salesperson neither should you be.

However, if your desire is to:

  • Succeed as a professional,
  • Influence others,
  • Earn or profit more, and
  • Become and stay great in what you do; you can’t afford to neglect your selling ability.

From my readings and personal experience, without this competence, there is no way you could be able to succeed in any significant endeavor. Even if you finally succeed, it will take you lots of effort and time. It’ll be an uphill battle…

Of course, this skill isn’t that necessary if one’s aspiration is to just survive and stay average.

However, for those who earnestly desire to succeed and become the best in what they do, it is a must-have. It is one of the High-Impact and High-Earning skills you need in your toolkit if you would like to turn your dreams into realities sooner…

However, selling isn’t just a mere skill. You should have the:

  • Right mindset,
  • Necessary skillset, and
  • Solid salesperson personality set.

I. Having the right psychology…

A bad attitude toward selling is the first hurdle you must overcome!

Sadly, selling has been given bad names. People not only hate to sell, but they also resent salespeople, to say the least.

While having this mental attitude that distastes sales, you cannot develop, refine, and excel in your selling power. Your psychology is a driving force…

With a bad attitude toward selling and/or your prospects, even if you have great gimmicks and tricks to close, you won’t succeed and sustain your success. Your prospects will smell it from afar.

II. Developing the necessary skillset…

Likewise, even if you have a great attitude, without closing skills, you are stuck and unable to thrive.

Once you beat the mental walls, develop, and refine your sales skills. Here are some of the critical skillsets you need:

  • Communicating effectively. I’m not talking about talking, especially not talking fast as typical salespeople 🙂 You need to connect at a deeper level, master asking intelligent and thoughtful questions, and listen attentively.
  • Generating leads. Create multiple ways and platforms to attract prospects into your funnels.
  • Qualifying prospects. You don’t have unlimited time and resources. You should know how to qualify the right prospects who need your products and services now or in the near future, and those who can afford what you offer.
  • Discovering problems. This requires you to master probing to dig deeper and know your prospects’ burning desires, fears, frustrations, challenges, and problems.
  • Presenting skillfully. You should have advanced presentation skills such as public speaking, pitching, and platform selling.
  • Handling objections. In most cases, you won’t sell without some form of objection. Great closers preemptively prevent objections from happening. Once objections surface, they do extremely well in handling objections and turn them into closing opportunities.
  • Closing. Whatsoever great your other sales skills are, you fail to translate your dreams into realities FASTER without your ability to close. Everything should finally lead to closing.

III. Molding a solid personality…

Having the right mindset and skillset is a great beginning. However, you can’t excel in your efforts to master sales without a solid personality set.

Here are just a few personal qualities you should have so that you distinguish yourself from typical salespeople and generate trust and appear as a trusted advisor.

  • Sell ONLY what you believe strongly. Don’t promote ideas, products, or services that don’t serve your prospects.
  • Be persistent. Without persistence, you will quit so quickly.
  • Become Resilient. You’ll be rejected again and again. Without resilience, you won’t last long. You give up on your dreams swiftly.

After evaluating what it takes to be a great closer, you may shake your hand and decide to hire someone to sell your ideas, projects, products, and services. It’s not a bad idea but very expensive.

The best Pitchers, PR, and Closers are very expensive. You may curl your lip, annoyed, and say: “AZ, I can afford to pay six figures and hire the best. What is the big deal here? I’m not buying into your recommendation, but rather sale, to turn me into a salesperson!!!”

I hear you. I used to hate sales and resented salespeople for years until I realized what it did cost me in money and time.

Even if you want to delegate this responsibility to others don’t you:

  • Want to be a SMART boss who knows how to inspire, direct, make accountable, and support your sales force?
  • Prefer to close your closers first and show them how it is done properly before they go out to close others?

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