Transition &Transformation Programs (video clip)

In this video clip, Dr. AZ Habtewold- Transition & Transformation Strategist at Success Pathways, LLC explains the different programs he provides. AZ explained the challenges new supervisors, middle managers, and executives face, and how he empowers them to make a smooth transition into their new leadership role and thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls.

By the way, Dr. AZ recently published his 6th book entitled “Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome: 11 antidotes to thrive beyond first-time leadership pitfalls.” The book became Amazon’s #1 Best Seller within a week of its release on August 26th, 2021. You can find the book from Amazon (…).

He also talked about the significance of having a unique and robust corporate culture for a competitive edge, and how he helps organizations experience transformation by creating and nurturing a unique culture that aligns with who they are, their brand, and what they stand for.

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