Three Common Traits the Greats Share

It took me over two decades of study to fully understand true greatness and the great ones from diverse cultures and generations.

I was obsessed not with just mere greatness that feeds the ego alone.

But rather…

1. I was passionate about true greatness that comes from one’s HIGHEST SELF.

2. Greatness motivated by a SENSE OF DUTY toward the greater good.

3. Greatness out of BEING ACCOUNTABLE to God (your Higher Power, the Universe, what have you…) who endowed you with unlimited potential, extraordinary talent, and gift unique to you, and to the One who expects you to unchain what is deposited in you.

4. Greatness that leads toward fulfillment.

5. Greatness you pursue it while feeling contented, joyful, and serene on a constant basis and regardless of the hardships, setbacks, and defeats you may experience on the road toward manifesting your greatness in your own unique way.

Since I took this rewarding journey of studying true greatness for myself, you, and many others in this and future generations, I’ve learned so many amazing insights, and EXTRAORDINARY STORIES of underdogs turned topdogs and greats…

So far, I wrote two books to share my discoveries, and many more are coming and in the pipeline.

In the first book, which I published a few years ago and relaunched a few months ago with new updates, I talked about the meaning of true greatness, levels of greatness, and expanded in detail the 3 common traits of the greats from diverse cultures and generations.

I learned that the only difference between those who attained greatness during their lifetime and those who didn’t wasn’t luck, in which side of the fence they were born, their IQ, the privileges they had at birth, and so on.

All the greats had three common traits, which you can have and then unchain your greatness starting from TODAY.

If you’re sick and tired of living casually and DESIRE to lead a meaningful life that ends with fulfillment while you’re also enjoying peace of mind, contentment as you serve others, joy, success, and more on the road, you should check out the book.

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