The Psychology of TopDogs

The underdogs turned topdogs had typical psychology, which we need to adopt if our desire is to transform our status from underdog to topdog. In Episode 17, I shared the four elements of topdog psychology. The topdogs:
1. Were fearless. They didn’t get scared of the giants in their field.
2. Didn’t put their heroes and heroines on a pedestal. They honored and sought their advice, and mentoring but they believed that they too were special and can become great in their own unique ways.
3. Tapped into a higher power. They didn’t depend on their physical and intellectual capacity, and resources and networks within their backyards alone.
4. Were players. Even if they knew that the system was rigged against them, the playing field wasn’t labeled, the game and its rules weren’t fair, they rolled their sleeves up and played with the belief that if they work harder and go the extra mile they could win and also influence the system and create a labeled field if not for them for future generations of underdogs.

In Episode 17, I gave examples and shared some stories. Check it out and share with me your thoughts. Which elements do you already have? On which ones should you be working on? Who among the topdogs you admire possess this psychology?

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