Talk Right!

Do your words and results mismatch? You have been talking and talking great things but they never fruition? Have you been asking yourself, again and again, why am I having realities that don’t align with my dreams? Are you having manifestations that you don’t like? If you have answered yes to one of these questions, could it be because you don’t believe in your words? Could it be because you are careless in your talk? Well, in Episode 3- Talk Right, I’ll give you the insights and tips you need to make it right.

Let me first give you a quick background about the place of words. You might already be aware of the different arguments about whether creations within the universe came to existence through evolution or a one-time dramatic manner. I’ll not take you there. However, one thing seems to bring all the parties together. This life-sustaining universe came to existence within a few seconds. Many in this field agree that the universe didn’t come through an evolutionary process. It was a dramatic short span occurrence of seconds, maybe minutes. Their difference is who did it. While some believe that God spoke the universe into existence others believe that there was a big bang though they don’t acknowledge nor propose who caused the big bang.

Today in this episode, my goal is neither to broker the two parties nor to bring any fresh argument concerning how the universe came to reality and who did it. I mentioned this ongoing two schools of thought to let you know that I fall under the group that believes the universe came to existence through a spoken word from God. I wasn’t there and thus cannot prove it. However, it makes no sense to me how such a dramatic display of power within seconds and minutes could have been done other than talk from a divine being.

Think about this. You are a result of a 9-month pregnancy, an evolutionary mechanism. If you want to get an apple, wheat, what have you, you must follow an evolutionary approach that involves sowing, fertilizing, watering, and finally harvesting. If you would like to build just a tower, you know the drill. On the other hand, how many years do you think it takes to bring forth the universe (the stars, planets, and the physical laws that govern these gigantic creations)? I cannot think of a mechanism that brought first one start, then the next, and one planet, and the next, and finally once all were in place, this process did put in place physical laws to govern the co-existence of these gigantic creations. Anyways, I’m trying to let you know how I think and what I believe. Other than that, you don’t need to agree with me. You are entitled to have your own hypothesis. Don’t forget. We all have hypotheses; no own could offer proof in this regard…

Let’s set aside the big stuff like how the universe came to existence in the first place. Too abstract and far removed, at least for many. However, whether you believe the way I do or not when it comes to the place of words in this universe, my hope in this episode is to show you the effects of words against humans and even other creations like water and plants. Based on two simple experiments, I showed how the way the experimenters where talking impacted the final outcomes of the experiments. To learn more about these tryouts, check out Episode 3- Talk Right!

Before we proceed, I have a couple of disclaimers:

  1. Careless talks won’t bring any intended results– good or bad. Talks backed by faith and those that could invoke strong emotions (negative or positive) have consequences. There are cheap and weak talks. They are inconsequential.
  2. Talking is just one weapon to get the results you want. You need to back up your words with actions. By the way, Episode 4, provides more insights, and tips about the power of deeds. In the meantime, just know that the stronger and consistent the actions, the greater the results.

Let me quickly answer this question, which might already cross your mind. If our talks have such power, why then many speak to harvest negative results contrary to their wish and what they are saying?

  1. It is our second nature. Many of us have been conditioned to speak negatively since childhood. The people around us have been training us, may not be deliberately, to focus on what is wrong and talk about these to death.
  2. It takes faith, commitment, and discipline to speak positively. Very few discipline themselves to talk positively. It takes energy and continual efforts, especially in the face of disappointments and setbacks, to speak positively and optimistically.
  3. It is expected of us to fit in. Speaking negatively gives us the license to fit in. In many circles, you are expected to lower your expectations and talk ‘modestly’. Many underdogs, in the name of humility, depreciate their values and talk carelessly about who they are and their potential. Humility is key to leadership. You shouldn’t brag and inflate yourself and what you can do. However, it isn’t humility to tarnish yourself. You can be humble and at the same time assertive of yourself and your potential. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

Remember these:

  • If you believe in it, talk about it. If you are hesitating, your faith is corrupted. The proof that you have faith is speaking about the things you want to manifest or go away.
  • If you don’t talk about it, know that you most probably won’t see it. Your words have creative power. Sow your words, and harvest your results. There is no short cut.
  • What you possess today were what you talked about yesterday. If you haven’t yet achieved and secured what you want, begin talking right to get it tomorrow. Talk Right- Sow Right, in order to Harvest Right in the end.
  • What you don’t talk about, you won’t defeat. The giants in your life, not necessarily humans, don’t respond to sheepishness. They don’t bow out of your life through begging and lowering your expectations. Speak to your mountain (giant), and it becomes a dwarf. It dissipates at the end of the day.

If you like what you have read so far, I encourage you to watch Episode 3- Talk Right!. In this episode, I pointed out how what we say matters, determine the results we get, and the destiny we inherit at the end of the day. I also shared two powerful experiments that show the power of words. I also shared my own experience of how I have been watching my mouth, filter what I say, and more.

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Once you watched it, don’t forget to share it with those who may benefit from it, especially those who are experiencing temporal defeats and disappointments right now because they aren’t talking right. You know many out there who think that speaking carelessly, and trashy is okay and won’t affect their mood, health, relationships, career, business, and ultimately their destiny. Reach out to them with this video clip. Who knows, this could launch them into a new way of life where they start to shape their destiny.

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