Takeaway #1 from my interview with Helen of ebs

For those of you who don’t understand Amharic, I will share the 3 key takeaways from my interview with Helen of ebs in the coming days starting from today with the 1st one: Be disciplined by developing empowering habits of the successful.

I never met, at least consciously, anyone who desires to fail. Sadly, very few, who at the end of the day ended up influencers in their respective field cared to study and know what caused the people they admire to be successful, and what these successful people did. Not only that, a very few who knew dared to go out and implement what they learned with some customization.

One of the most important characteristics of the successful in any culture is their discipline. No one can attain success, most importantly sustain it, in any meaningful endeavor, without discipline. They may have different flavors and used varying approaches to develop them but they all have some common empowering habits that enabled them to succeed in what they do. Tell me your habits, and I can tell you who you are now and who you will become!

In the interview, I shared where someone should begin in their effort to develop (redevelop) discipline in order to craft a winning life, career, team, or organization. That is, be clear about who you’re and what you want to become and achieve. Raise the bar high if you have had a challenge in keeping your promises and failing to step up to the plate to lead a life, career, or organization that serves others with world-class excellence. The higher belief you have about your identity and a higher goal you set for yourself, the tighter your discipline becomes and difficult habits stick.

Of course, it doesn’t mean we don’t stumble here and there, and once in a while. But, I never met any successful person who does’t have high self regard, both consciously and unconsciously. What is more? I never shook hand with any world-class person who does have high self regard for herself ever having a lousy discipline, and full of disempowering habits. What do you think? What is your experience? Is your discipline ironclad? If so, what is the secret behind? Are your habits serving your accelerate your advance, and enhance your success? If not, could it be identity issue? Could it be having some disempowering habits or lack of some empowering habits? How can I help you?

Please share your habits and how they are helping or hindering you. Shot an email at [email protected] if you would like to share the answers to these questions offline or if you may have any questions or if you need further explanations. Enjoy the rest of Sunday!!!