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You could be a leader just promoted as a team lead, supervisor, manager, or promoted yourself into opening your own business. Or, you could be an aspirant to take your next new leadership position. Or, you could be someone who has been in your current first-timer leadership position for a while. Or, you may be mentoring a first-timer. Or, you could be someone who has stopped challenging yourself to go to the next new leadership role because you are sick and tired of facing the challenges and uncertainties that come with first-timer position. If you said yes to one of these, you should join the challenge by signing up below:

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By the way, even experienced and senior leaders may experience the first-timer syndrome when they are placed in a new leadership position. The difference is that they could shorten the learning curve and lessen the impact. All leaders experience this syndrome when they are placed in a new leadership position regardless of the hierarchy in the organization they are promoted to. For example, someone was a manager and just promoted to an executive position or she was an executive and now she is promoted to a CEO position or she was already a CEO and asked to be a chairman. She will definitely experience the syndrome in the new position.

Whether you are an aspirant 1st timer or already experiencing the syndrome or intends to coach and mentor a first-timer, you should join the 7-days challenge I’m going to issue. Sign up below so that you will get resources that empower you to overcome the syndrome or help others overcome it.

During those 7 days, I’ll send you free educational video clips and worksheets that empower you to overcome the first-timer syndrome you are experiencing or may experience in the future via email. You will get some insights, perspectives, tools, and approaches that allow you to succeed in the transition.

I’ve been in some first-timer leadership positions. During those transition periods, I experienced anxiety, fear, frustration, and feeling of misplacement. I survived but I could have overcome these feelings and quickly stepped up if I had some guidance and help. These were tough times. I found myself unprepared mentally, personality-wise, and lacked some skills I needed. I could have done better if I had some support that I’m now providing to you during those transition periods.

I also facilitated onsite workshops and public seminars for first-timer supervisors and managers. I’ve had also opportunities to coach and mentor first-timers. I’ll share with you my own experience of how I overcame the syndrome and the insights and tools I used to help other first-timers.

Join the 7-days Challenge

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Don’t face the transition without preparing yourself and getting some help. Don’t assume that you can easily plow through the transition period without working on your attitude, mindset, confidence, soft and people skills, and personality it takes to overcome the challenges the first-timer position throws at you.

The video clips and worksheets I’ll email you during those 7-days will empower you to overcome the first-timer syndrome.

Sign up for the 7-days Challenge and also recommend if you know someone who has recently taken a new leadership position as a team lead, supervisor, managers, or business owner.

I look forward to working with you during those seven days and beyond.