Sharing a conversation I had about my struggle to develop discipline

An acquaintance who watched my recent interview with #helenshow called gave me constructive feedback and asked how he may get one-on-one coaching. In our conversation, he was surprised when I shared how hard I had tried to develop the discipline I have had these days. I enlisted some of the tough habits I didn’t like back then such as getting up early, eating less carb, going to the gym regularly, the list continues…

What is more, he was stunned when I admitted that I still experience setbacks as some old habits resurface, throwing me off until I regroup to get rid of them…

Developing my personal discipline wasn’t like a walk on the red carpet as any meaningful endeavor is challenging initially. However, I was patient and forgave myself as I was failing again and again. Of course, like you, I’m still a work in progress.

We all aren’t perfect. If anyone tells you or behaves or acts like they’re, ask them why they still live on earth among the imperfect?

What was your experience when you were building your personal discipline? Which habits refused to stick? Why? What are some of the habits that are resurfacing? How are you dealing with them? By the way, I may produce a video clip to share my journey, some of my empowering habits, the insights, tools, strategies, and tactics I use to trim unproductive habits, and stack empowering ones, and which habits took me longer, and which ones are still resurfacing again and again. Stay tuned!