Recognize your spiritual side, activate your portals and develop your spiritual capabilities, take yourself and your organization to the next phase of evolution

We, whether we are aware of it or not, humans traverse in and out of the metaphysical and spiritual universes (the degree varies from person to person) because we have the necessary portals other creations don’t. Those of us who are alive now, we’re legit residents in the physical universe where we can live and work without needing any specialized portal because we have a bio-suit (passport) that abides by the physical laws. Only conscious beings like us (our souls) can have this capability to visit all universes as far as they can furnish the necessary portal or suit for a particular universe. Our soul needs these capabilities to evolve properly and ultimately become one with God by fulfilling her earthy assignment on earth at this time and in this generation.

By the way, the timing was right when your soul emerged from the Source/God (Supreme Consciousness) and eternity to enter into time and space. The soul comes with all the necessary capabilities and portals to function in different universes through proxies.

Sadly, many people die never recognizing the real deal, their soul. They only recognized one or more of the proxies. The most popular, cruel, and selfish proxy many people recognize, and even worship and follow to its death is ego.

Anyways, when we lose our bio-suit (our legal passport to legally live in the physical universe), we lose our capability (even right) to operate on earth. Please make sure you take care of your body, at least, until your soul finishes her assignment in the physical universe. Otherwise, she will be forced to depart the physical universe prematurely.

Are you aware of your right and capability to visit other universes by activating your portals and using proper channels such as prayer, visioning, meditation, and so on? Don’t cut your divine right short by just assuming that you’re a mere body. You, your true self, don’t have consciousness. You’re consciousness! And in turn, you’ve many divine rights and unlimited potential you’ve not yet explored, let alone used.
Time to light up your portals (fire all of your cylinders) to tap into the metaphysical and spiritual universes. Time to evolve mentally and spiritually to have command in these two higher universes. This is a win-win for you (your soul), your organization, community, this and future generations.

The more you excel in invoking your rights and using all of your portals, the more you succeed in what you do in the physical. If we have enough people in our organizations and communities who have begun evolving mentally and spiritually, who activated and developed their portals, we could discover and download laws, principles, and inventions that are in the metaphysical universe waiting to be discovered by conscious beings. We could have easily overcome the myriads of challenges we’re facing. Humanity at large, our communities and organizations, in particular, could have experienced a quantum leap jump advancing in our civilization. Otherwise, hoping to experience true transformation and taking our race to the next evolutionary phase without first evolving mentally and spiritually is futile.

If you’re interested to empower your people to recognize their spiritual side, activating their portals, developing the right channels to leverage the higher universes as they solve problems, come up with new solutions, and inventions right here in the physical, let’s work together. Reach out for any questions or if you need more info about our spiritual development programs [email protected]

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