Pursue the assignment of your soul

If you’ve been committed to a passion for awhile, let’s say for over a decade, your ego is nothing to do with sponsoring it,  especially if you have been persisting against all kinds of odds. Ego can only commit to things that render immediate gratification. Or else, it quits, especially if the road you’re taking is rough.

Your passion must have come from your soul to pursue it for years regardless of continual setbacks and disappointments. Your soul can source what so ever energy (it can afford sourcing even if you need trillions of mega watt on a consistent basis) and resilience you need if you pursue its mission on earth.

What is more? It rewards you with peace, contentment, joy, and fulfillment that pass all understanding. I am not talking about rewards on the other side of eternity when you (rather your body) dies. No! In the Now! Thus, be of good cheer ???


#JoyThatPassesUnderstanding #BeyondImmediateGratification