Facilitated a webinar on Presentation Skills

In the past two days, I facilitated a two-day webinar on one of my favorite topics- presentation skills. It was filled with insights, demos, practices, group, and one-on-one feedback, etc. I love it! Not only do I empower my audience to take their presentation skills to the next height, but I also get a chance to refresh my memory on how to rock it from the stage (these days in Zoom 🙂 I need this session once in a while, so that I don’t get rusty 🙂

You too can present with confidence like her 🙂

If you need this program for your team, let me know, and we can help your people communicate and connect with their peers, team members, supervisors, customers, and all stakeholders better. Now, I’m getting ready to facilitate another webinar on building coalitions.

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