Potential Conscious

Underdogs have a messed up past and maybe present. Otherwise, they won’t qualify as underdogs. Unfortunately, many underdogs preoccupy themselves with what they don’t have and what is missing in the now. Few underdogs focus on their potential, who they can become, and where they are heading. Such underdogs, when they interact with themselves in their mind and with other people, they base the conversation on not the realities but their potential. 

Huge difference! If you allow the small self-critic voice in you or wrong people who don’t genuinely love and care about you, they may want to interact with you based on who you were & what you have done- mainly your mistakes and missteps. Refuse to participate! 

Regardless of where you were and what you have done both good and bad, this is a clean new chance you got this year. Because of your limitless potential, you aren’t bound to your past. You can rewrite your past, shape today and the future if you believe in the greatness seed that dwells in you. In the New Year, be alert and superconscious as you interact with yourself and others. It should be based on who you CAN BECOME and where you are heading, not based on the ‘beating’ you took the previous day, week, month, year, or decade. 

However, I understand that it isn’t easy to look at yourself on the other side of the mirror every day knowing that you were ‘beaten’ badly or ‘knocked out’ the previous day and/or had many misfortunes, missteps, and disappointments last month or year, and you are now up for another fight where you aren’t sure of the outcome yet. Likewise, it is frustrating if you look at the guy on the other side of the mirror who doesn’t have yet the head start he/she needs to enter into that business, profession, or competition. 

But, the underdogs who believe in themselves and the potential they carry, they acknowledge the uphill battle they face and recognize the scars they retained in the past. However, they will tell you also that they’re happy that they are still standing and alive after that bad beating, knockout, and disappointments. 

What makes them special? They stand in front of the mirror every day leaping and licking their wounds but refuse to complain, let alone quit. They look at a bruised underdog on the other side of the mirror but at the same time, they don’t see a beaten-down person who is finished but someone who will win in the end. They stand there thankful because they have another fighting chance, another day to rewrite their past defeats and shape their today and future. It is a choice, and we all should choose like these underdogs.

Refuse to settle for less than your true potential, which awaits you to unchain it! Your future is glorious! And, it can begin this year, no need to wait years to manifest your greatness. Start releasing your potential one-day at a time. 

Those underdogs who vowed to tap into their potential always have a better future. They don’t cut short themselves by presenting themselves, negotiating, and dealing based on their past. Your best days are still ahead. You have untapped potential. Don’t give up too soon, lower the bar, fold your tent, and act like you are tired or retired. New Year, New & better You!!!

Watch this episode where I shared some insightful analogies and simple but powerful steps you can take to remain focused on your potential. As a typical underdog, I also shared my own stories about how I dealt with the small self-critic voice within, disappointments, belittling, and so on.

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