Overcoming Stress

How to Overcome Stress to Have HOLISTIC HEALTH and Lead a Vibrant Life Filled with Constant Joy Unspeakable, Unending Creativity, and Innovation, and More…

If you’re a person who is stressed out due to toxic relationships, chaotic work, or marketplace, you should read my latest blog. 

Here is why: If you don’t CONTROL or at least MITIGATE stress, it’ll COST your HEALTH, and ultimately your precious LIFE.

Very few people recognize the fact that more than unhealthy foods and drinks, stress is a slow but sure killer. 

No question. When stress is complemented by bad nutrition, then we’re talking about someone who is self-sabotaging and accelerating their own death!

Stress messes up the balance of your life on multiple fronts. It disrupts your chemical and hormonal balance. And then your thinking, relationships, performance, and happiness… It finally makes you a huge mess ready to explode and cause havoc against yourself, your loved ones, and the greater community around you… 

To have holistic health, and lead a vibrant life filled with constant joy, creativity, and innovation, one should learn how to control stress. 

Unfortunately, ego initiates or at least aggravates stress. 

Initially, you may think that ego is protecting and helping YOU deal with certain unfavorable circumstances for your own good. WRONG!!!

If you still think and dismiss my warning. Well, as I did, you’ll one day wake up to realize that ego was actually serving its own temporal and selfish needs that are focused more on survival, competition, rivalry, and immediate gratifications. 

I suggested in the blog why we must side with our Creative Self to tame the ego, leave the chaotic and familiar, and enter the creative and unknown as regularly as possible. I also shared my own BEFORE and AFTER story.

Click here and check out the blog and let me know your thought…