My upcoming book- Preface

My upcoming book: Overcoming 1st Timer Syndrome (Preface)

Why I wrote the book?

I know what fear can do to you

I wrote this book because I know what it feels like to be afraid. We all have fears of certain things, especially when exposed to them for the first time. As a kid, I remember being terrified of dark places and cemeteries. Today I don’t fear them at all. Why? I was afraid because I didn’t know enough, but knowledge tends to eliminate mystery.

Everything is scary at first. It is a syndrome we all are familiar with. Think about your first-time experiences of driving, dating, interviewing, and so on. You most probably still remember them vividly. As you increased your knowledge, improved your skills, and practiced, you overcame the first-timer syndrome in each area. You began relaxing, enjoying, and mastering these things with ease.

Likewise, to overcome first-timer syndrome as an emerging leader, you need to increase your leadership knowledge and improve your skills. For the scope of this book, regardless of your age, you’re an emerging leader if you are a first-timer team lead, project manager, supervisor, or business owner. This mini-book will help you increase your awareness. It allows you to recognize the symptoms of 1st timer syndrome and audit to see whether or not you have already been manifesting some of these symptoms. In this book, I will also share helpful insights to remove any lingering fears you might have from taking your first-time leadership position. I offer models, tools, strategies, and tactics to develop the most critical competencies that empower you to overcome first-timer syndrome…

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