Mindfulness and Imposter Syndrome

Earlier this week, I was in Louisiana for the first time to facilitate a 2-day workshop.

The themes were Mindfulness and Imposter Syndrome.

Great leaders are mindful

In this world filled with chaos, those who slow down to stay mindful are the ones who remain alert.

Super mindful leaders live moment-by-moment and in the present, in the NOW…

Rather than letting ego sit in the driver’s seat and make them react to the outside world, they are in charge and stay ‘present’ regardless of the storm around them.

  • Are you mindful?
  • If so, what has helped you to stay awake throughout the day?
  • What approaches and techniques do you use to remain mindful on a consistent basis?


You might be a victim of Imposter Syndrome without even knowing it

If you’re an achiever, you might have been infected with Imposter Syndrome, if not now in the past.

The challenge with Imposter Syndrome is that you’re leading a double life without consciously choosing such a lifestyle.

On the outside, you look certain and confident. When you’re alone and in your private space, you have another double life where you don’t own your success.

You feel deep inside incompetent or inadequate.

Let me just ask you a simple question to help you diagnose yourself and see if you may have imposter syndrome.

When people appreciate and admire you, how do you react?

Of course, you may say thank you. However, you may not stop there. You may enumerate some excuses why you’re not as good as they think.

You attribute your success to factors outside of you. You refuse to own your success because you’re a victim of the syndrome…

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The pic was a view from my hotel room