Lesson #2 from the interview with Helen of ebs, Critical Thinking

James Allen wrote a tiny but powerful book, borrowing the concept from King Solomon, entitled ‘As a man thinketh.’ This truth is ageless and priceless. The question is what kind of thinking Solomon and James were talking about? I don’t think they were implying the regular, mundane, and dull thinking. They must have been talking about critical thinking!

From 1 to 10, how do you grade your and your team’s critical thinking?

1 being I hate thinking. I don’t think at all! 5 being I think linearly making sure I think about what to say, decide, and do on a regular basis. 10 being I set aside time to think deeply, lower my brain’s wavelength, leave time and space to enter into the quantum field (even the spiritual universe) to think differently and download fresh insights that allow me to create new things, solve tough problems, and so on.

If you graded yourself less than 5, I fully understand your situation & you’re not alone. Many people find critical thinking torturous 🙂

Lesson #2 (for those who don’t understand Amharic) from the interview with Helen of ebs was the importance of Critical thinking.

Let me connect this topic with Lesson #1 (discipline) and the next and final lesson (culture), successful people have a daily habit of thinking critically. Empowering corporate and community cultures encourage and incentivize members who think differently, challenge the status quo, and come up with creative and innovative ideas even if the majority/the mass may not understand or like their creations.

However, thinkers who have the ironclad discipline to think critically on a daily basis exist even in cultures that disincentivize critical thinking.

Unfortunately, there are also individuals in corporate and communal cultures that encourage critical thinking who never think critically but rather accept the popular thoughts as if they’re true even if they could be totally false, flow without questioning what is trending on social media even if it is just trash, who are also blindly loyal to the norm and slaves of the status quo.

If you scored above 8, you’re in a good shape and you don’t need my pep talk here. By the way, other people around you might have already confirmed to you that you’re a critical thinker. Many of them might have actually called you ‘crazy’, and some of your ideas insane. See you in another post 🙂

However, if you graded yourself below 8, this is time to consider/reconsider critical thinking. You already have what it takes. You have a brain, limitless mind, and the ability to transcend time and space. And, in turn, leave what is ordinary and familiar into the quantum field, the extraordinary, and the supernatural.

It’s not fair to you, your Creator, the people you love, lead and serve to not take a few minutes every day (or week) from your busy schedule to use the equipment and resources you have been given for free to leave the natural, ordinary, and linear thinking (worst, the worrying thinking). And then, begin to be quiet, reflective, meditative, and be in a prayer mode when you are alone and thinking critically.

If you’re with your team, brainstorm (‘group think’ using either or all structured, unstructured, and silent brainstorming) critically to tap into the creativity of each member. Put in place ground rules that create and facilitate a safe and equally labeled field for everyone.

Once you discipline yourself to sit down enough and it becomes your daily habit, you don’t need to exert lots of energy and no need to remind yourself. What is more, you will see how much you’ll be supported and guided by invisible forces that are desperately looking for humble and willing vessels like yourself.

Let God (Allah, the Universe, the Higher Power, Your Higher Self, whoever you believe is your Source) use you to serve your generation and beyond. You cannot do the latter without developing the habit of critical thinking.

If you have a business or if you’re leading a team, organization or community, create a culture that incentivizes critical thinking and empower your people to think critically so that they may take your team/business/organization/community to the next level by regularly creating and innovating the next big things that allow your clients/humanity to experience a quantum leap, fixing difficult problems with ease, and more.

Time to leave your comfort zone and challenge the status quo, the sameness, and begin to experience true and lasting transformation individually and collectively using critical thinking! Thinking that involves regularly examining what is happening inside and outside of the organization in all directions by challenging the usual linear and two-dimensional thinking.

Before making key decisions and taking significant actions, think critically, think 360 degrees. Think backward, forward, through, above, and below. Think and know your multiple moves ahead. Think and prepare your backup plans (Plan B, C, D…)

Who is the leader you admire as a critical thinker? What made them be a critical thinker? What is your own experience like? How did you develop critical thinking and what results have you achieved because of that? If you’re having difficulty thinking critically, what are some of the challenges?

Shot us an email at [email protected] if you would like to share your stories offline. If you ever need any help in this regard, we’d love to support you and your team as you empower yourself and your people to develop the habit and create a culture that encourages critical thinking.

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