Leadership During Times of Crisis

The theme of Episode 11 will be leadership during times of crisis. Crises birthed the leadership of the great ones I studied. As they stepped up to serve their generation selflessly during tough times, their leadership birthed. Because they ventured to lead during times of distress, their lives transformed from underdog to great!

If you’re a leader, know that your leadership won’t ever reach its climax without the test of crisis. The latter tests leaders like fire tests precious stones. The great leaders we all quote and look up to today were all earned our respect and adulation because they passed the test of time. They led during times of distress. They led their people triumphantly through the storm and fire and landed them on the other side safely. What is more? Not only they grew their people and institutions to outgrow the crisis, but they also transformed their people to the point where things were better than where they had been before the advent of the crisis.

Let’s talk about you. You may be an underdog and thinking right now that what I’m talking about here doesn’t apply to you. Stop that thinking for a moment and listen to me. What kind of leader do you want to be during and after this crisis? A chicken or an eagle leader? How do you want to be remembered in history, especially if history placed on your hand the destiny of people?

Think hard and forget the roar of this crisis and other irrelevant noises around you for a while. Have you thought about this? You could end up, once the show is over, you were a disappointing leader who fed its people and lost what had been built for years to a monster like this pandemic!

Let me challenge you. Are you sure that when you ask your people “Are you better than where I found you?”, would they say YES? If you’re not sure, you still have a chance to change the answer to that question. The scenario could be different: They may look back and say “Not only we have come a long way because of your leadership but also developed resilience and emerged better than where we were before the start of all of this. We want you to continue LEADING us into the future!”

Don’t undermine yourself. The great ones who stepped up to serve during the highest needs of their people and in the process transformed their lives from underdog to great were just like you. You have what it takes in you to wither away this crisis and enable your people not only to survive but also to end up being in a better place once this all is over.

I’m here to give you the right perspectives you need during times of distress and equip you to develop the right mindset, leadership attributes, and character that enable you to serve with leadership excellence.

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