Leadership begins with self

One of the questions I was asked in the interview below was: What is leadership means to you personally? Though I acknowledged the fact that leadership is different things for different people, I defined leadership from the perspective of the Individual. In my first book “Redefining Leadership”, which was published in 2011, I redefined leadership based on the grand truth I strongly believe: Each and every human being that emerged from eternity to time is designed to lead and have the potential and what it takes to become a world-class leader.

What does that mean to you? In whichever corner of the world you may be right now you’re born to lead. It is up to you whether you will claim leadership as your birthright, tap into your unlimited potential, and develop the necessary mind set, skill set, and character set to lead, at least, yourself and your passion.

Looking back retrospectively, the definition I came up with over a decade ago now aligns with the general consensus almost all leadership experts reached- Leadership begins with self. If one leads self successfully, he/she can lead others effectively. What is more? When others around you see how well you are leading yourself, your job description, and your own resources, they then trust you to lead them.

Don’t buy into the outdated old school narrative which disqualifies you based on where you were born, your innate gifts, mental capacity, and your socio-economic status. You don’t need to be born from a select few races/ethnicities/tribes nor you must have certain inherent qualities. We all are born to lead!

Thus, don’t wait until others bestow on you ‘leadership’. Claim your birthright, and begin leading wherever you may be by knowing who you truly are and pursuing your passion till fulfillment. In the process, no question, you could inspire, guide, and lead others who share your mission in life.

If you haven’t yet, watch the entire interview or the first few minutes where we chatted about this. If you find it empowering, share it with those who may benefit from watching the conversation. Let me also know your thoughts.

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