Lead a purpose-oriented living

On this Sunday, think of, if you’ve not yet, the grand purpose of the Creator when He created the universe. I don’t know about you, it blows my mind, sometimes ‘fries some fuses in my brain’ whenever I take time to understand what kind of grand purpose such a grand Super Being had in mind when He brought forth the universe. Why did He went the extra mile to display such grand power and intelligence which may take us eternity to understand, let alone to duplicate.

Just one example, when will we design a bio-robot (empowered by AI) that thinks, expresses emotions, decides solo, which is composed of trillions of microscopic parts that occupy a small realestate? Another example, when we, the highest conscious beings on earth, able to invent a bio-machine like an eye?

Once you let this sink, I encourage you to think, reflect, and meditate on this: Why this majestic Creator went this far to display such magnificent power and wisdom,  and shared His glory (spirit, consciousness) to us? To just wander around on earth for some decades, eat, drink, work, have family, and phase out? I don’t think so.

It may be impossible to fully understand (it may not also be even unnecessary to worry about) His grand purpose for the universe nor humanity. But, I strongly believe that it worths discovering our own purpose, and align with it to lead a successful, contented, and fulfilling life. If you haven’t yet, let today mark the journey toward leading a purpose-oriented living.

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