Invest in personal development, take yourself, your team, organization, and community to the next height

You can’t manifest your uniqueness and serve your organization and community with your burning passion and God-given gifts if you don’t know yourself intimately, well beyond the surface. You can’t release to the max your potential and demonstrate world-class excellence without recognizing, fully grasping your unlimited potential, and sharpening your talents consistently. Well, if you don’t ‘fully’ know (of course, it is a lifetime journey where we may not even know our true self to the extent we are supposed to at all), you can’t manage yourself (your emotions, time, energy, choices, resources, etc.) well. If you can’t manage yourself and what is within your personal space, it’s unlikely that you can lead yourself. And, if you can’t lead yourself well, you can’t lead others.

What is more? You can’t win (lead) the world (others) outside of you unless you conquer the world within. Sadly, you can’t conquer what you don’t know. If you fail to win the ‘battle’ in your personal sphere, you will struggle to succeed in the public space. That is why, throughout the ages, many philosophers from diverse cultures kept admitting, you’re your own worst enemy. That is also why the African proverb says “When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.”

What do these all mean to you? Everything begins with you. You can’t take others where you’ve never been. You can’t bring true change in others without you first experiencing it.

Thus, our personal development determines how far we can take ourselves, and those around us (our teams, organizations, and communities). We all should take this journey within seriously. And, this rewarding rid begins with self-awareness and ends with personal mastery. Though the journey is long and protracted and one may never get to the ultimate self-mastery while alive, it worth making the efforts and paying the dues.

How much do you know yourself for sure (your uniqueness, mission in life, talents and gifts (hidden ones too), strengths, limitations, and so on)? Are you sure you don’t have blindspots? Could there be certain things that are obvious to others and they clearly see how they’re sabotaging you but you don’t? From 1 to 10. 1 being I know as much as what is available on my birthday certificates and IDs, and 10 being I’ve already attended self-mastery. Wherever you may be on the personal development continuum, it isn’t too late. You can advance forward, and also help the people around you to do the same. And, we’re here to support you on this long and twisted but rewarding and fulfilling journey personally and collectively.

Speaking of growing collectively, as much as individual growth is foundational for corporate success, collective growth is the surer way to attain your collective destiny. And, we are here to help you grow individually and collectively by providing the latest scientific insights, applicable models, frameworks, and practical strategies and tactics. Reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our personal development programs at [email protected]

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