Interview with Rocky Kandola- Prison to Beverly Hills

I had a wonderful opportunity to interview Rocky Kandola, CEO of Hair Maiden India, in my show Pick Yourself Up that airs on MMCTV Channel 16. If you’re an underdog, you would love the story of Rocky’s transformation from prison to having a Show Room in Beverly Hills Los Angeles California.

He shared with our audience the factors that contributed to his transformation from selling and doing drugs to owning his own business. You may not have the same struggles Rocky had. You may not be in prison right now. Regardless, his story and the things he did during his downtime will empower you to have your own underdog to topdog experience.

Here is a short clip I came up with to share the top three lessons I had from this interview. Click this link, watch it, and let me know your thoughts:

If you’re interested to watch the entire interview, you will find the link from the description part of the above clip.

Let me know if you have any feedback. And also, let me know who I should interview in the future, what kinds of themes, and questions I should cover.

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