Increasing self-awareness to excel in life, career, leadership, and business

Do you desire to go to the next stage of your life, career, leadership, and/or business? Work on a couple of critical soft skills (people skills). In my book ‘Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success’, I proposed 12 soft skills professionals/leaders/business owners should develop to master yourself, get along with, and lead others successfully. The 1st and foundational competence a person desperately needs is Self-awareness. Know that many may not even think that it is a skill that must be developed. They may not also fully comprehend the consequences of a lack of self-awareness such as how irritating it is to others when someone lacks self-awareness. On the other hand, if one excels in this soft skill, his/her other soft (people) skills improve tremendously. For instance, one manages her/his emotions better; communicates at a deeper level; turns conflicts into opportunities; negotiates smartly; and more…

From 1 to 10, where is your self-awareness? 1 being unaware and 10 being super self-aware (you know all of your strengths, limitations, and without blindspots). What should you be doing in the next 3 months to increase your self-awareness by 10% (what approaches, strategies, and tactics)? To learn more about the book, check this page: If you have any questions or need help to empower yourself and/or your team to develop personal mastery, get along, and lead others better by working on one or more of their soft (people) skills, reach out via [email protected]

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